Perfect Furniture for Converted Lofts

Perfect Furniture for Converted LoftsAttics and loft rooms come in a surprisingly varied array of different dimensions, but often continue to strike homeowners and guests as characterful and intimate regardless of the choice of décor. That’s because of the inimitable style and unique shape the space inevitably possesses.

Whether your conversion has given you a studio, bedroom, living area, or office- if properly built and kitted out, it not only can increase the value of your property by a remarkable amount but enhance your quality of life too!

The first obstacle you may encounter when furnishing your loft conversion is the doorway and staircase- if you are pre-conversion do definitely consider spending a little extra to add as much space as you can to the stairway, you’ll appreciate the ease it affords you later (also at least entertain the idea of an extra bathroom, you won’t be thrilled about having to descend (and then ascend) a flight of stairs every night-time lavatory visit). Try to procure furniture that is easily unassembled and, as most loft rooms are odd and distinctly shaped, remember ordinary shaped furniture may not always be appropriate.


Don’t be deterred by challenge; often idiosyncrasies in the individuality of the layout can yield some great creative opportunities. For instance a rounded or arch roof-bay-window can be complemented by an ovular light or circular mirror; reflecting the motif throughout the whole room’s design, and bringing continuity to the theme. Try to cast careful thought and attention down at the furniture store to this same idea when selecting your lighting, your storage, and even your objets d’art.

Another aspect of decorating to think about is the angled ceilings most loft conversions have. Taller pieces of furniture including wardrobes, lamps, and tall bookcases are going to necessitate being strategically placed in order to work. Make sure you make the decision to have storage built-in to the space. Also, having low-level seating in the shortest parts of the room will make the tallest parts of the room seem comparatively taller, giving an air of space and openness. As long as the lines of the room with most headspace are left unfilled, guests and residents are left walkways they needn’t crouch in.


The number one pitfall of any loft or attic conversion is their temperamental temperature. Without the best insulation, winter nights can make the room feel like an outdoor shed, and summer days can deter you from even enduring 10 minutes in what feels like an oven, even with every window open. The shrewd decorator would make accommodations for these seasonal changes by allowing for furniture to be swapped in and out depending on the time of year. A ceiling fan will be your summer saviour, and thick rugs can keep frostbite at bay in winter.

If you are conscientious, creative, and not afraid to try new things, then the right furniture can transform your converted loft into everyone’s favourite room in the house.


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