What You Must Know About an Accident Attorney Before Consulting One

What You Must Know About an Accident Attorney Before Consulting OneThere are many issues that arise after having been in an automobile accident, and if you have been unfortunate in this way you know just how trying a time it can be. There are many things to worry about, the most important of which is your health. There are, however, many other concerns, such as how you will pay for your medical costs and the necessary repairs to your car. These concerns are often best addressed by a competent and experienced accident attorney, as it is possible that compensation is warranted from an accident that occurred through no fault of your own.

In some cases, the State will already be involved. These cases include accidents that were extreme or even lethal, or those that involved drugs or alcohol. The State will likely have already arraigned the driver responsible for the accident, but in all other cases the responsibility of determining how medical and car repair expenses will be paid is left to the drivers involved in the accident and your insurance company. It is sometimes the case that these issues will ultimately have to be resolved in a courtroom.

Automobile Accidents Have Varied Causes

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are a fairly common occurrence on the roadways, and there are varied factors that cause these accidents to occur. Some of the most common factors include:

  • Distracted drivers: These drivers are frequently using their phones to talk or text, but they may also be distracted by the sight of another accident, other drivers on the road, or the landscape around them. It is even sometimes the case that drivers are distracted while changing radio stations.
  • Drowsy drivers: There are a lot of reasons why a driver would become drowsy, including being in the driver’s seat in excess of two hours. Drowsiness can also occur as a result of driving late in the evening, having a large dinner, or taking prescription medication.
  • Impaired drivers: Impairment can be caused by drugs or alcohol, and impairment can occur even if the driver is not in excess of the legal limit.
  • Driving in excess of the speed limit.
  • Driving aggressively: The driver may be tailgating, failing to observe the right of way, or gesturing obscenely at other drivers.
  • Weather conditions: Rain, snow, ice, fog, hail, and wind.

 If You Have Been Injured in an Accident

If you have had to endure an accident that has caused you some type of harm, then you may be entitled to compensation from any number of sources beyond just the driver who caused the accident. It is important to understand what your rights are in these instances, and it is not necessary for you to discuss anything with the other driver’s insurance company. The only information you should provide is your basic contact information, and you are under no obligation to discuss the events of the accident with them. It is best to speak with an accident attorney first, as they will be able to make arrangements with the other driver’s insurance company or decide that the case should be brought to court.

Of course, the lawyer that you select should be well-versed in this area of legal practice, so take great care in making your selection.

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