Dress for Success: 5 Accessories That Will Complete Every Interview Outfit

Dress for Success - 5 Accessories That Will Complete Every Interview OutfitYour accessories can say a lot about you, and when first impressions count the most, such as in an interview, you do not want hoop earrings and bangles to distract your potential boss. When preparing your attire make sure you keep it classy and maybe even brush up on a few of your specifically professional accessories, as some items may not be suitable to cross over into the business world or vice versa.

The next five accessories will give you the confidence you need and keep your interviewer focused, and the best part is they are all easy to put together even when working with a budget!


Other than a wedding band, a watch is the only other piece of jewelry that should really be worn in the line of sight when shaking hands. Not only do watches symbolize timeless class but they also have a sense of power showing you are ready to take any job by the horns.

Try to stay away from any crazy neon colors, but light pastels, neutral earthy tones and the classic black or white give you enough of a range to pick out something cute from the bunch.

Fossil makes some great causal everyday watches, which may be helpful after the interview is over, and you want to milk the money spent on what can be an expensive purchase.

Conservative Earrings

Leave the dangly noisy earrings for a night of celebration after you nail the interview. Studs are more of a winner when it comes to the business world.

Pearls, small diamonds or metallic studs will all work, even if they are not real gems or gold! If you have multiple piercings in your ears try to stick only two or even just one pair in. It may not seem like a big deal, but more conservative companies can have strict policies.

Geometric shapes are a fashionable way to take studs to the next level as they can play off of the different textures or patterns you are wearing in your outfit.

Closed Toe Heels

There are endless options for heels out there but closed toe is a must! Be thankful you can skip the pedicure and cover up those toes with a nice pair of pumps or stilettos…as long as you can walk in them!

If you are dressed in dark blacks and greys try using your heels to create a pop of color within your outfit by using a power color like red or purple. Playing it safe with black or white heels will always work as long as it does not flaunt any crazy embellishments, you may appreciate an expensive pair of Jeffery Campbell’s with spikes on the back but your future boss probably won’t.


Skip grandmas old jacket with shoulder pads and try a more current look with a lapel-less blazer or shawl lapel blazer with a sheik dark metallic or leather lining. Zara makes some great jackets that are not overly expensive, but don’t spare the quality.

Usually a dark grey or black blazer is preferred which allows you to show off some color below it with a blouse or collared shirt. However, once again if you choose this to be your little bit of flavor attempt to stick to white or nude in a satin material to keep it clean cut.

Pencil Belt

Wrapped around the top of a skirt or to synch your waist on a dress a pencil belt can add flare to an otherwise dull interview outfit. Most business clothing can create a boxy or manly look that does not flatter a woman’s figure. In using a pencil belt, you can show off the curves that are hidden underneath that blazer without looking provocative or unprofessional.

So as you can see dressing up for an interview is not as boring as it seems! There are some stylish accessories that still let you show off your personality while keeping it workplace appropriate.

Lastly, after you have loaded up on all your accessories do not forget to tone down the perfume, keep the makeup simple and smile! Confidence in the way you look will surely shine through.



Rebecca Borchers is a fashion enthusiast who loves giving tips on making sure people are dressed for success. To help find these accessories easily online, she recommends going to www.moranaonline.com. You can learn more about Rebecca by visiting her on Google+.

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