5 Customer Acquisition Techniques You Never Thought of

5 Customer Acquisition Techniques You Never Thought ofWith the right customer acquisition techniques, you can build your business and bring in new clients with ease. Sadly, all-too-often, people overlook this and think customers will find the business on their own; as a result, they fail to grow their business.

However, with the right techniques, not only can you find new customers, but you will not need to spend much money doing so. You need to think outside of the box with these five customer acquisition tactics you probably have never thought of.

Word of Mouth

All-too often, people will rush online and try to market their products and services. Other times, people will put out a sign in front of the brick and mortar location. While these are two excellent strategies, but if you are an established business owner, you need to try to find patrons via word of mouth. Think about it, your best bet is to ask people who are already satisfied with your products or services. Then, when they tell their friends about it, not only will you not need to spend money, but you will see people come through the doors, all with minimal effort on your and.

However, to make things go smoothly, you should offer an incentive to current customers who refer new clients. For example, you can hold contests where a certain number of referrals can get you a voucher for a free or discounted vacation, you can get such vouchers for less than you might think through sites such as GetUpandGo.com. This will give your current customers an incentive to pass your name along to their friends and family.


If you have the funds, you should consider a giveaway. With this, not only can you create a buzz about your offering, but you will gain customers almost instantly. Of course, if you take this road, you will want to invest your money wisely; otherwise, if you simply give your products to random people, you will waste precious marketing funds. On the other hand, when done wisely and meticulously, you will not end up with any issues on your hands.

Press Releases

While people often use press releases for SEO, they often forget about the potential for instant website traffic. Remember, when you have a well-written and designed press release, you can turn people on to your product or service. Ideally, unless you have experience writing press releases, you should hire a professional who can craft the perfect press release. When doing so and offering a link back to your site, you will see a boost of short-term traffic to your site. Provided you offer a practical and exciting product, you should turn a nice profit on this venture. Not only that, in the long-term, if you have press releases, you will help your online presence, including your search rankings.

Guerilla Marketing

Often misunderstood, guerilla marketing is an excellent and cost-effective way to gain new buyers. Sadly, plenty of small business owners waste money and don’t get the results they desire. To avoid wasting money and time, you will want to know your audience and come up with a viable strategy to market to potential buyers.

Some ideas include handing out flyers on the street, giving free samples to people, or even a publicity stunt. Provided you know your audience and choose a busy time of the day to conduct your marketing gig, you will walk away from the event with a host of new clients.

Google AdWords

Now, if you are afraid to spend some cash, Google AdWords is not right for you. However, if you want to find new customers within days of starting your business, you are in luck. In fact, whether you are a lawyer, gardener, plumber or run any other type of organization, you can reel in clients within hours of starting your website and business. To get started, you only need to sign up for an account, create advertisements and set them to go live. Once you do so, you will want to monitor your traffic and see which ads work and which ones fail to create a buzz. Luckily, once you can understand the process and what works for your company, you will bring in new clients with ease.

It is never easy to find new and excited patrons. However, if you follow these five tips, you will understand that you must think a little more deeply about the situation at hand. Fortunately, when you do so, you are going to help your cause greatly, and your business is more likely to bring in new clients from all over. Otherwise, if you do not, you will struggle to run a profitable firm.

Brian Levesque is a marketing consultent for small businesses in Florida. In his free time he’ll sometimes write up articles detailing some free tips and advice to help people get started. You can find out more about Brian by visiting his Google+.

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