Workplace Stress: A Growing Issue

Workplace Stress - A Growing IssueEmployers are under an ever-increasing amount of stress these days, and recent studies have shown this stress is trickling down to their employees as well. Recent statistics from the American Psychological Association provides some startling numbers concerning workplace stress, for which faith-based counseling could be the answer.


According to the study:

• 52% have made a career decision based upon workplace stress
• 52% claim their job interferes with their family and home life
• 33% report being overworked
• 32% believe that workplace stress has contributed to them gaining weight in their current position

Causes of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress normally happens whenever there has been a significant change in someone’s duties, or the policies and procedures of a particular company have changed dramatically. A few of the most common reasons why people suffer from work-related stress include:

• The company suddenly has new owners
• A change in managers, either upper or lower level
• Changes in the type of work performed by a particular company
• Relocation of the company, or certain parts of it
• Modifications or reductions in working hours
• The business has shown reduced profits, thereby creating more pressure for workers to perform
• A heavier-than-average workload
• Drop in pay or benefits
• Favoritism towards certain workers
• Sexual harassment or discrimination

People can also suffer from workplace anxiety whenever there are significant changes within a company, even if those changes do not affect them personally. For example, a worker could be stressed over recent layoffs, even if he or she was not included, because that might trigger worry over that person’s own job security. Employees might also suffer from stress if there have been significant changes in personnel between departments, especially if they find themselves now having to work alongside people they have difficulty getting along with.

Possible Consequences for Employers

Workplace anxiety can lead to an increase in the number of on-the-job accidents, as those who are depressed may have difficulty paying attention while performing their duties. When stress at work results from higher demands, people may also take safety shortcuts in order to increase their productivity out of fear of being written up. Safety violations resulting from stress on the job accounts for millions of dollars in lost wages and payment for injuries that happen as a result.

Aside from safety, companies who have a significant number of stressed employees could also see a reduction in the quality of the products and services they offer. Workers may allow inferior goods to pass quality control inspections, or take out their frustrations by becoming rude to customers. This in turn can damage a company’s reputation, and cause them to lose money in the long run.

Employees who are depressed over their working conditions are also more likely to steal from their employees than those who are happy on the job. This is especially true whenever the cause of stress is due to lost wages or benefits, as workers may try to “make up” the difference by pilfering goods or services.

Signs of Workplace Anxiety

There are a few telltale signs that might indicate a person is suffering from workplace anxiety and in need of faith-based counseling, a few of which are:

• Having difficulty feeling hopeful about the job
• Decreased productivity
• An increase in absenteeism
• Crying or becoming upset easily
• Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating
• Excessive worrying about the future as it relates to a particular job
• Difficulty communicating with supervisors or co-workers

These symptoms can not only affect a worker mentally, but physically as well. Those who are suffering from stress in the workplace could also experience certain physical symptoms such as:

• Difficulty sleeping
• Loss of appetite
• Frequent or severe headaches
• Nausea
• Feeling jittery or nervous
• Extreme weight gain or loss
• Feeling tired often

When left untreated, depression due to workplace stress can affect every aspect of a person’s life, causing strained relationships with family members, and even marital problems. Fortunately, most people respond well to faith-based counseling to help them deal with their workplace stress and help get their lives back in order again.

Help is Available

Those who are suffering from stress in the workplace do not have to suffer alone. Help is available from countless doctors, psychologists, counselors, and support groups. Google any of these types of groups to learn more and find local help.

Louis Salazar has been working in the counseling field for many years and has found that work environments can cause an insignificant amount of stress.

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