The 5 Most Sought After Wedding Destinations

If you are fortunate enough to travel somewhere for your wedding there are many choices out there to choose from.  The most popular destinations are usually in tropical areas due to the great weather year round.  When choosing a place to hold your wedding you will want to remember the expense involved in getting there so that your guests will be able to participate.

This could not only involve money, but how long it takes to get there, and factors like culture and means of travel as well.  When analyzing the statistics for couples are hosting their wedding, 5 destinations stand out as being the most popular.


The first place on the list is the country of Mexico.  Mexico has many benefits for hosting a wedding.  There are several places in the country that offer a good time and a warming welcome.  Being surrounded by two large bodies of water makes it an ideal place for a beach wedding.  If you’re leaning towards a beach wedding Cancun should be on the top of your list.  It offers crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches for a relaxing setting.  If you are more interested in being active Cozumel is known for great diving and snorkeling.  Mexico is very close to the United States so travel won’t be too expensive or daunting for people.


Another more obvious wedding destination is Hawaii.  You simply cannot go wrong traveling to this magnificent island in the Pacific Ocean.  Yes it’s a long trip from the United States but once you arrive, you will realize that it was well worth it.  A wedding event here will be an unforgotten romantic adventure that will promise a great honeymoon to follow.  Hawaii offers many options for entertainment and settings for your wedding plans.  Either on the beach or somewhere more private in the interior of the island the scenery is diverse and can be host to different styles of weddings.


If you are looking to spice up your wedding plans with a little more diversity in culture there is an island close to the states that will surely impress your spouse.  Jamaica has a very rich culture and is a beautiful island to visit.  Making this the scene for your wedding will still offer the pristine beach setting but with an added taste of Jamaican culture.  Music, food, dance, and pure fun are sure to be had at this location not far off the coast of Florida.  Jamaica also offers different options for sight seeing besides its beaches.  Many like to experience the waterfalls and mountain tops that are not far from its coast.  A great mix of scenery and culture, have made Jamaica a top location for destination weddings.


Often considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s hard to include Bermuda second to any destination in the world.  Known for its hospitality and paradise of coral reefs, lush gardens, and colorful sandy beaches, a wedding here it sure to impress anyone.  Being such a popular place to travel, Bermuda offers top notch accommodations and catering for a wedding will fall right into place here.  If your budget allows for it, this should be a top choice for hosting a wedding.

Las Vegas

Finally something with a different city feel and a little more spunk, Las Vegas has proven to be a top spot for having a wedding.  This city is full of lights, gambling, and celebrities alike, Las Vegas has had a reputation for being on the top of the charts for more unconventional style weddings.  Entertainment in this city is second to none.  This once small dessert town is now a city with all sorts of music, shows, and dining to fill your plans before and after the wedding ceremony.  Las Vegas has been coined the marriage capital of the entire world!

This article was written by Nick Quinlan.  Nick is currently studying family law at Barry Law in Orlando.  In his free time he likes to create content which provides a venue to resell used wedding related items.  Nick also loves travel and included his love of destinations in this article.  You can read more of Nick’s work on Google+

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