How To Profit From Your Social Media Addiction

If you think of your Twitter feed every time you see a bird, spend hours stalking your cat for meme poses, or know your friends’ Bitstrip avatars better than their actual faces, you may suffer from a serious social media addiction.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. While many articles warn you of the dangers of your addiction and strive to break you of this supposed harmful habit, this one says “embrace that Facebook fetish, pin until your heart’s content, and tweet until your carpal tunnel syndrome can take no more.” After all, your social media addiction may just lead to a heftier bank account. 

Bet that got your undivided attention! And yes, you read that correctly. All that tweeting, pinning, plussing, and posting can earn you some serious cash. How To Profit From Your Social Media Addiction

Your Addiction = Career Possibilities

There are many careers that look for expertise in social media. While some may require you to have additional skills and education, you may find acquiring these worthwhile. After all, how many people actually get to earn a paycheck doing something they love? 

  • Online Community Manager. If you are up for the challenge of wooing online communities to your brand’s website, generating greater brand loyalty within said communities, and using social media tools to accomplish marketing objectives, this may be your dream job.
  • Blogger. Are you a wiz at generating great stories, catchy captions, and holding the attention of online audiences? Do you have a reputation for providing your followers with helpful information? You may love a career composing original blog content.
  • Social Media Marketing Manager. If you are adept at selecting the right social media tool for the message–and the right message for the social media tool–you may enjoy this gig. It’s all about using social media to increase your brand’s loyalty, exposure, and growth.
  • SEO Specialist. These individuals are commissioned with the task of boosting a website’s ranking on Google Search Results. Whether it’s done through analyzing websites, identifying hot keywords, or creating viral content, this job is ideal for a results-driven social media guru.

Need more career information? Check out 3 career options for people who master social media.

Your Addiction = Your Own Business 

Freelance social media gurus are also hot entities. While you may need to “cut your teeth” on a few initial projects for free, once you have proven that you can get the job done you can start taking on paying clientele.
Some of the social media services that these entrepreneurs offer include running workshops and training sessions on social media, coaching clients’ in-house social media teams, running social media marketing campaigns, devising social media strategies, and more. 

Your Addiction = More Traffic for Your Other Business

Is social media just one of many addictions to which you have succumbed? Perhaps, you are an avid antiques collector who sells pieces online, an obsessive oboe instructor who offers lesson in her house, or an enthusiastic creator of handmade greeting cards with an internet store. The fact is that content marketing helps build influence and no one knows this better than someone with your penchant for social media platforms. Your addiction, therefore, can be put to use to promote your money-making endeavor–whatever it may be–across social media sites and blogs.

Yes, you do not have to give up your social media addiction at all. By simply honing your skills and using your social media super powers for good, you can carve out a tidy profit. P.S. The cat wants you to stop following him. 

How did you put your social media skills to good use?

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