How To Look Good In Plus-Size Clothing

The measure of your beauty has nothing to do with the size of your body. Skinny can be ugly. And big can be beautiful. The secret to looking good in your plus-sized skin is to select your clothing with care, enhance your best features, and strut your stuff with self-assuredness.

Looking good in plus-size clothing

Plus-size is sexy!

Here’s how.

Buy the Right Size

  • Lose the Loose Look. One of the biggest mistakes that a full-figured gal can do is hide in over-sized, baggy clothing. Yes, your loose-fitting tee may hide those unsightly bumps, but they also veil your ample bosom and other positive features. Plus, sloppy-sized clothing makes you look larger and can create an unkempt appearance.
  • Tight Isn’t Right. Only stick bugs and supermodels can pull off spandex and other form-glomming materials. If you have any meat on your bones, body-hugging tees and trousers will accentuate any lumps or folds that reside on your figure.
  • Find the Right Fit. Opt, instead, for clothing that fits your body without clinging to it. The idea is to show off your silhouette. A great option is to opt for clothing that has ruching like Old Navy’s graphic slub-knit tees or an empire waste such as the one found on this Plus Moda Women’s Plus-Size Geo Pop Collection Dress.

Build a Solid Foundation

What you wear beneath your clothing is just as important as the clothing, itself. And a key ingredient to a great shape is a properly fitted bra. Women everywhere were shocked when Oprah launched her “Bra Revolution,” stating that 8 out of 10 women wore ill-fitting bras. A poor fitting brassiere can accentuate back rolls, make your breasts sag, cause your…er…cups to overflow, and make the straps gnaw into your shoulders. On the flip side, the right bra will lift and separate your “girls” and show off your waistline.

You can find a variety of pretty plus-sized bras at a number of retailers including the new Perfect Coverage Bra by Victoria Secret that comes in sizes up to 40DDD in a plethora of colors and prints.

Toss the Tapered Trousers

Tapered pants are no one’s friend–especially not the plus-sized woman’s. No matter how tempted you are to follow the fads of fashion, remember that you do not want to have the same shape as a Dairy Queen dipped cone. Instead, opt for a straight leg or boot cut that gently grazes your derriere and thighs before falling straight down. A great choice would be the plus-sized Suki embellished cut by Silver Jeans.

Color Yourself Beautiful

Yes, black is a slimming shade, but unless you are a fan of “all things Goth,” you should add color to your wardrobe. A monotone outfit can also be slimming–no matter what color. Plus, black can make a fair complexion look sallow and washed out. Wearing a top or scarf in a shade that flatters your skin tone or accentuates your eye color will draw attention to your beautiful face. Plus-sized women’s clothing comes in the season’s hottest hues, so get out there and brighten up your wardrobe.

Now you’re ready to strut your stuff with confidence and style. Embrace your curves–and others will too!

What fashion tips can you offer your fellow buxom beauties?

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