Ingestible Digital Tablets: Can They Detect Eating Disorder Leading to Weight Gain?

Ingestible Digital Tablets: Can They Detect Eating Disorder Leading to Weight Gain?

Eating disorder is one of the most challenging mental diseases leading to excessive weight gain and other chronic medical conditions. With an increasing number of people suffering from this type of disorder, the new age health technology is taking a major role in treating mental patients. From offering new psychotherapy treatment to improving better accessibility of patients in the whole treatment, possibilities are limitless. The latest addition is the use of new age wearable technology such as ingestible digital pills that monitor the mental health condition of the patients.

As per the statistics offered by NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), approximately more than 26 percent of the Americans belonging to the age group of 18 and more, suffer from mental disorder in a particular year. Keeping pace with the increasing demand of people for this type of monitoring, extensive research works have been conducted to discover new wearable technologies to monitor mental disorder.

At University of California, psychiatric researchers have created a milestone in healthcare technology. They have developed a computerized vest to monitor the movements of patients with mental disorders. Be it heart rates, hyperactive a movement and different physiological measures, this vest calculates the vital things to treat mental patients in the best possible ways.

Do you wish to know how an ingestible sensor checks your mental illness? The following points will help you to understand how this chip works in your body.

  • First of all, you have to swallow the pill along with the medicine. Once it gets inside your stomach, it is immediately powered by your body. Without antenna or battery, the chip interacts with the digestive juice of your stomach to generate voltage.
  • The next step is capturing as well as relaying this voltage which is the physiological responses of your body, by the patch that is disposable and is worn over your body externally. In other words, this patch receives information from ingestible sensor, monitors heart rate and then sends signal to your portable device.
  • Using a high quality Bluetooth-enabled tool, you can gain access to vital data to monitor the health condition in different ways.

Here are a few advantages of using this ingestible sensor that you can use for detecting eating disorder and the reason for your abrupt weight gain.

Not operated by battery or any mechanical device

This type of chip does not contain any battery. It comprises two unique conductive components, one on either side. When these components enter the stomach and become wet, they soon produce power in the ingestible chip for a stipulated period of time. It works in the same way like a high quality potato battery. As the name suggests, these potato batteries produce electricity through chemical reaction between electrodes and electrolyte.

Comprehensive recording

Besides detecting the indentifying number signaled by ingestible sensor, the patch also records body temperature, heart rate, your activity as well as your resting patterns. In a nutshell, you will get the exact condition of your body and track the exact condition of your mental health.

Safe Method

For effective weightloss due to excessive overeating it is crucial that you first track your mental condition. You can follow few essential tips to reduce weight fast but first you need to cure this mental disease of excessive eating. Here lies the importance of this digital chip. There is an advantage of using this pill. It is safe and meets all the medical standards necessary for safety. According to a report published by Forbes, FDA also approves this type of digital pill that is integrated into the pills. However it is recommended that you remove the paper before you undergo MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Easy Ingestion

Experts believe that this ingestible pill is easy to be ingested. It can be used for physiological evaluation of patients with eating disorder and other chronic mental disease such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc.

Cost effective

There is a big benefit of using this ingestible chip for monitoring the condition of mental patients. You do not have to spend a whopping amount of money to avail this type of treatment. You can get an easy sensor based solution that allows you to generate as well as correlate a large number of information streams about your mental health.

Have you put on weight due to overeating? Do you wish to get rid of this eating disorder or mental diseases associated with it? Know about your mental condition with help of new-age ingestible digital tablet and take necessary steps accordingly.

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