Anger Management: Helping You to Relieve of Your Stress


Often in our life we come across situations which we dislike the most. It irritates, frustrates and boils our blood to the raging Fahrenheit level. Our emotions blows out like a volcano, the eyes puckers in, the sweet face becomes monstrous and we feel like smashing and yelling at that point of time. There is an uncontrollable adrenaline rush as there is an outburst of abstractions as we are pissed off with someone or at something.

And it’s all outcome of anger. This psychological lava erupts whenever we are offended, wronged, rejected and it comes as a reaction of retaliation. It is generally termed as an emotional outrage when something undesired or unpleasant event happens with us. It can come out in verbal or in physical form. The expression of anger may vary on the characteristics of different individual. It may be mild, sudden or extremely violent. There are just no specific grounds which can trigger an anger issue. It can set off due to multiple reasons like personal, professional, ambient, societal or sometimes habitual.

In general terms of clinical psychology, anger is a method to express your displeasure. It can be expressed in both constructive and destructive way. It is a fundamental emotion which has permitted us to endure as a species. When a baby screams because it is hungry, too hot or too cold, it is demonstrating its raw anger. This antagonized emotion is displayed in case of not having our needs met.

The fury can be used in a positive as raising your voice against an unjust act, stupid behavior of someone else, or stop a fight between two parties with the help of your aggression. But this aggressive behavior can have outrageous consequences, be it in the verbal or the physical form. Verbally we shout and yell, babble offensively and at times abuse someone, as severely as there is no control over us at that moment and neither do we realize what exactly we are doing. We unknowingly or intentionally hurt someone’s sentiments and feelings that it really just spoils your whole relationship sometimes making it really difficult to workout things again.

Anger Management

But the worst part comes when it goes down to physical outrage. It is one of the most deadly aspects of anger. While verbal anger can still be reversed the physical abuse during rage can have dire consequences. Under such condition you can either harm others and yourself as well. It can lead to horrendous acts like domestic violence, forcible sexual abasement, thrashing of another person or even killing someone or self in rage.

Such type of furious action can leave a scar for a lifetime on the victim of the anger or even on the person source of this fury, mentally and physically. This not only has a negative impact on the person who is the root of the enragement but as well as on his surroundings. It not only harms him or her, but the people around him are mainly the people who suffer because of this infuriated agony.

Controlling anger is not an easy task, but with proper counseling it can be contained and art of harnessing the anger. The key is, understanding the problem areas which trigger the anger issue. As if not paid attention, it seriously can effect in a very bad manner. For example in case of a domestic violence it only affects the spouses but children of the house as well. In turn regular spats between the parents can harm the kids mental and personality development in a big way, in direct and indirect manner.

Anger Control

So it becomes very essential to know the pressure points which in turn pulls your lid off. To control the anger and save you from its consequences, counseling can help to a great extent. The basic things of the counseling is identifying and understanding the symptom that activates the anger. Secondly looking at our own unhealthy beliefs emotionally involved to our anger, realizing how anger affects our close relationships, display anger only when necessary and also not to contain it much so that it leads to other psychological problems, by using anger as positive tool rather than a destructive weapon. Like. It is said, “Charity begins at home”, one should try some of the basic things to avoid and control anger before it becomes destructive.

Help calming down the aggressive behavior, using meditation and other breathing exercise for self control. With proper Psychology & Psychiatry treatment, if not completely controlled it can be harnessed to a great extent.

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