Unusual Uses For An iPhone

Are you tired of flinging heavily browed birds at pigs with no legs? Have you had your fill of blowing up striped candies? If you–and your friend, Suri–have grown bored with the ho-hum “usual” uses for your iPhone and you long to try something completely different, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an app for that.

It's amazing what you can do with an iPhone.

It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone.

You’ve likely used your iPhone as a flashlight or camcorder. You may have needed proof of insurance and pulled out your phone, but your friend from Apple can do some much more. Here are a few novel uses for your favorite portable pal that will keep you and Suri entertained for hours.

Teach Your Old Dog Some New Tricks

If you’ve been eschewing your doggy duties in favor of filling up your Pinterest board, Fido may be feeling neglected. Why not roll your cell phone addiction and “pet parent” duties into one with the Dog Whistler? A perfect canine training tool, you can manually select the best dog whistle frequency for your furry friend. And, as a bonus, this app has also been known to ward off mosquitoes.

Zap Those Zits

Attention all acne sufferers. Finally, you can wage war against whiteheads without worrying about scarring. Yes, Pimple Popper gives you the satisfaction of bursting blemishes without all the mess! Complete with three types of zits and the newly introduced pimple scab, an authentic two-fingered squeezing action, ample pus, sound effects, and a bonus hidden object game, this app will keep you popping for hours.

Examine That Excrement

How’s your doo-doo doing? Not sure? Well, there’s an app for that. Yes, now you can log your logs–recording the type, size, and frequency–using the Poo Log app. And for those dedicated dung aficionados, you can even pin photos of your handiwork. While this app is a useful tool in the identification of colon concerns, the fact that it also enables you to share your…um…results on Facebook and Twitter definitely raises an eyebrow or two. While it may be an app that could save your  life, I’m sure someone somewhere finds this app rather funny.

Give Your Friends a New Look

Anyone who’s experienced the dreaded “morning after the night before” knows what it feels like to be a zombie. But have you ever wondered how you’d look as a member of The Walking Dead? Well, thanks to ZombieBooth 3D, you can easily convert anyone’s photo into a rotting-fleshed, bloody toothed, zombie mess complete with frenzied snarls. But be warned. Keep your finger away from the zombie’s mouth or he will bite it.

Pass Gas Like George Clooney

Do fart noises make you giggle uncontrollably? If so, you will love iFart. With an impressive collection of “wind” noises ranging from the Burrito Maximo to Jack the Ripper, a timer for sneak attacks, a security alarm “fart” to protect your phone, and the ability to record your own flatulence, this app is great for clearing out a room or entertaining your friends. Featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and praised in Rolling Stone magazine by George Clooney, iFart will have you passing wind like a star.

Burst a Bubble

Nothing transforms a fully functioning adult into an overgrown child quicker than a sheet of bubble wrap. Thanks to the app Bubble Wrap, you can now engage in this youthful activity anytime, anywhere. With over 2000 glorious, poppable bubbles on every sheet, full sound effects, and fully resizable bubbles, you need never be banned from shipping and receiving again. Plus, the app also includes three fun popping games.

However your iPhone isn’t all just fun and games. There are many productivity apps that help increase productivity both on the job and at school. But hey, when things getting boring it’s always nice to have a little fun!

What is the weirdest app that you’ve encountered?

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