Does Your Pillow Hold the Key to A Good Night’s Sleep?

Does Your Pillow Hold the Key to A Good Night's Sleep

The age old question for proper sleep cycles is simply, “How does a person maximize sleep?” Although this may seem like a simple question, the solution is actually a very complex one due to the uniqueness of each individual. Each person sleeps differently and therefore needs a different solution to obtain proper sleeping patterns.

Even with the customization of each person, a universal fact resonates that pillow support is essential to a good night sleep. Most of the time when people shop for pillows, salespeople will ask, “How do you sleep – on your back or on your side?” Although this question is important in picking the proper pillow for your comfort, it is ultimately a vague question because many of us do not know how we actually sleep. Some of us sleep on our back, some on our side, and some on our stomach.

Needless to say, it would be great to find a product that helps satisfy all of the different angles in which we sleep throughout the night. Well, we have one now. Rather than telling you a variety of choices that may or may not work, I have decided to explain a new product on the market called ‘The Proper Pillow.’

What is ‘The Proper Pillow?’

‘The Proper Pillow’ retails for around $70.00 on and offers some of the best universal compliance needed within a nightly companion.  It is a revolutionary new sleeping pillow that provides proper support to the head and neck for both side and back sleeping positions. So if you are like me, where you tend to switch it up in the middle of the night, I think this is the solution for you.

The pillow has two main components that make it unique. First, the outer layer provides a plush quilted presence with a luxurious look and feel, which is essential when attempting to relax the body prior to R.E.M. sleep. Secondly, and probably more importantly, the inner part of the pillow provides a low density, elastic memory foam insert. This memory foam insert provides firmness within the heart of the pillow where it matters most.

With the combination of the two features, a person is able to successfully relax the head and neck, which is often hard to do after a day of intense activity. Many pillows on the market provide one feature or the other – rarely both – which is why I recommend this product to any person in the market for a new pillow.

What Makes for a Good Night Sleep and How Does ‘The Proper Pillow’ Help?

A good night sleep, as stated before, is a conglomeration of many different factors including stress, anxiety levels, temperature, noise, and sleeping arrangements. Most of the time, low-quality sleep is a result of tension in the body, which may be caused by the previous factors explained. ‘The Proper Pillow’ promotes support and relaxation in the muscles throughout the lower body, neck, and head. Considering these areas have some of the most sensitive nerves throughout the body, it is essential to take care of these suggested hotspots for irritation.

‘The Proper Pillow’ has what industry professionals call a “sandwich” design that provides users with the comfort and feel of a traditional pillow, yet uses memory foam as the firming agent within the design – both of these properties work together to support the proper alignment of the cervical spine.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in a great quality pillow with versatility and grace, than look no further. ‘The Proper Pillow’ will suit most cases and has a great universal mission to support the most essential parts of the human body. Ultimately when the body is relaxed the mind is able to relax, making proper sleep easier to obtain.

Matthew Hall. He is a avid fan of sleeping, especially when its great sleep and he will do anything to make the experience better. During the daylight hours, he is a professional writer for To keep following Matthew, check out his Google+.

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