Devices Act as the Best Motivator to Follow Healthy Routine

Losing weight is difficult enough, especially if you are trying to achieve a perfect shape when you are staying alone. Researches show that you can continue with a diet plan and exercises when family and friends are there to motivate you. But, you may need to travel for the sake of work and at that moment there can be no one along with you. So, when alone, will you let those extra pounds ruin your once toned body shape? Why don’t you turn to computers or smartphones for motivation during your solitude tenure to keep up your healthy habits?

There are numerous fitness apps in Smartphones that can be your fitness coach. The usage of health and fitness applications has flourished with the growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets. These apps can tell you what to eat and how much to exercise. Even better, the modern apps can be modulated to fit your needs. Figure out your diet and exercises on the basis of your eating habit. If you often eat in restaurants, download an application with restaurant foods’ calorie information.

Let’s look at the most recent applications in the two best smartphone platforms:

Yes, an Apple can really help you to stay fit                                                                      

After the iPhone and iPad, Apple has now stepped in the mobile healthcare and fitness tracking industry. The application codenamed Healthbook will be displayed in iOS8. The application tracks blood sugar, respiratory rate, heart rate, physical activity, blood pressure, hydration, sleep, weight, nutrition, and oxygen saturation. Three of the Healthbook’s tabs are entirely dedicated to fitness tracking: Nutrition, Weight and Activity.Healthbook

The Activity tab keeps track of the miles walked, steps taken and total calories burned. If you provide the height and weight information in the weight tab you can have the statistics of Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat ratio. Both these function enable users to follow their fitness progress over a course of a week, month, and year.

Body Mass Index

The Nutrition tab keeps a record of the calories that you take every day and maintain a specific diet plan. These tabs are very much similar to other fitness tracking software present in the application stores of various platforms.

If you love the android platform

S health fitness tracker motivates you to follow the fitness routines on a regular and consistent basis. Set the weight goal and the S Health will constantly track your calories, distance you need to cover, and steps that you need to take.

S Health

Diet tracking is integrated into the apps that pull out the calorific information from the database of common food items. S Health can synchronize with many third party devices to provide a comprehensive report of your overall health. Apart from the S Health app, Galaxy S5 has also built-in heart rate sensor, a stark difference from its predecessors. As you place the finger at the back of the phone your heart rate is directly recorded in it.

S Health app Galaxy S5

Are you among them who do not like to walk around in public with a big smartphone in hand? Do not feel shy to accept this. There are several joggers in different cities who share the same feeling. The next generation wearable fitness trackers look cool and at the same time these are useful. The wearable device market is still in its nascent stage which is expected to grow fast, in fact very fast.

Stylish bands with an eye on your fitness

The intensely populated fitness band market gets a new member Samsung Gear Fit. The first thing that will catch your attention is the curved screen of the device. The display is super stylish and can give competition to any existing wearable fitness band in the market. Apart from the screen, the device from Samsung brings a host of functionalities.

The in-built heart rate sensor in the band ensures that your fitness efforts are on track. Though, the features of Gear Fit are very much similar to other fitness bands available in the market, the unique point of Fit is that it works as a smartwatch also. It displays the emails, third party notifications and SMS other than your health reports. Another appealing feature of this Galaxy Fit is that the users can set wallpaper on thin screen.

Gear Fit Well, there are other such options also

Razer, a well-known name in the computer video game hardware is also inquisitive to tap the wearable markets with their Nabu later this year. This wearable band can act as a smartwatch as well as monitor your fitness. Razer’s Nabu is packed with enough smart features and offer the user different ways to customize it according to their usage patterns. However, Nabu will be far cheaper than the device rolled out by Samsung Galaxy.


If you want something more

Sony’s SmartBand Core is more than the typical fitness tracker available in the market. The accompanying Lifelog application preserves many information of your life. Apart from tracking your physical activities each day, it will save the books you have read, song you have listened, games you have played and several others.

Sony’s SmartBand Core

A few years ago it was hard to find a fitness device and today there are dozens of options in the market. Each device has different capabilities and functionalities. Pick up a fitness gadget or app according to your preference. It will never let you deviate from your fitness track, even when you are away from your home or friends.

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