Creating a Vintage-Style Wedding

Photo Credit: Photoflurry via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Photoflurry via Compfight cc

Destination weddings have been the rage for the past ten years. The problem with destination weddings is that not everyone can afford them. Travel weddings are expensive for the couple, families and guests alike. Couples who send a gift in lieu of attending feel left out. Couples who pay for the travel can’t afford a gift. Destination weddings also take the focus off of where it should be-on the couple getting married-and put it on the trip instead. Wedding attendees show up partly for the wedding but mainly for the island location.  Instead of a destination wedding, why not plan a themed wedding?

Theme weddings are the new trend in the marriage business, and vintage style weddings top the bill. Vintage style weddings set a wedding stage from another era. Details from the location down to the wedding gown, food, and entertainment follow the same vintage theme.

A Victorian Wedding

A Victorian wedding, for example, would be set in a large Victorian home complete with Victorian furnishings. The guests can file in through an old-world parlor, and the bride can come down the stairs while they look on. The Victorian wedding dress would feature old world lace at the neckline and a high waist, with a featherbone bustier and full skirts. The groom would be in a tux, of course. The ceremony could take place in the yard, under a challis of ivory and roses.

Country-Themed Wedding in a Pastoral Setting

A country vintage wedding would take advantage of a lovely country setting and offer a generous farm-themed country bounty. An old red barn with lovely wooden barn door would provide a rustic yet classic country backdrop. The bride could wear a simple peasant dress, loose fitting and blousy, adorned with daisies and baby’s breath in her hair. The groom could wear anything from work overalls to jeans and a t-shirt. The ceremony could take place in the barn, or in an old farm house, to be followed by a full country shin-dig reception overlooking the cornfields.

Puttin’ On the Wedding Ritz

Still another popular vintage theme is a flapper wedding.   Flappers were the dancers in the 1920s and 30s.   The world had seen the first world war, and the people were ready to party. Women lost the stuffy clothing, cut their hair, and started smoking. Most of all, when the flapper era descended, people started dancing. A flapper wedding would feature old-world music, preferably played on a gramophone. The old 78s would crackle, and people would dance to crooners and big bands. A flapper wedding dress would feature a drop waist dress with silk tassels or sequins. The hair would be short and bobbed close. Red lipstick would be mandatory. A good flapper era groomsman suit would include spats, suspenders and a three piece suit. The groom, of course, must use pomade and slick his hair back.

Wed Like an Egyptian

Or maybe you’d like to reach across the ocean and set your vintage style wedding with Egyptian flare. An Egyptian wedding setting would include torches with burning oil along a dirt path covered in flower petals. Both bride and groom would line their eyes with charcoal pencil. A gold-plate necklace would adorn a cotton sheath dress, bound with satin ropes crossed at alluring angles around the dress. The groom would wear tall leather sandals, no shirt, and a leather skirt. An Egyptian-styled theme wedding could take place at the beach, or on top of a hill. Shoes for the guests would be optional.

Only your imagination limits the themes available to you. Whatever wedding theme you go with, have fun with your vintage style wedding. Stick to the details for an authentic step back through time and take your guests with you.

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