The Benefits to Taking a Cold Shower

The Benefits to Taking a Cold ShowerFor most people, the idea alone of a cold shower is enough to make them shiver. And that makes sense. Cold showers are just a little bit too closely related to ice baths. And that’s scary stuff.

But cold showers have serious health benefits. And nobody is saying that you have to start your shower at freezing. In fact, the best way to take a cold shower is to start the shower on a normal warm temperature, and to decrease the temperature in intervals, allowing your body time to adjust to the cold each time.

It sounds crazy, and you’re probably just about to go ahead and take a steamy shower, but give it a chance. It has some pretty serious health benefits, and after a hot day or a great workout, it actually feels pretty good. If you’re still skeptical, here are seven ways that a cold shower benefits your health.

  1.    It wakes you up!

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt like you just can’t keep your eyes open? And even after you shower, your eyes feel stretched out and tight? Do your muscles and limbs feel weak and unwilling to do their normal work?

That’s common in the morning. Anyone who has ever had to get up and shower and go to work or school can relate. A cold shower can help with that.

A cold shower, even when you take your time and let your body adjust, shocks your system, especially if you’re in the habit of getting up and going through a routine that includes a warm shower. Even though a hot shower may feel like getting to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes, a cold shower can help wake up your eyes and the rest of your muscles on the earliest of mornings.

A cold shower is a much healthier alternative to coffee or other sources of caffeine, but if both are needed, no judgment passed.

  1.    It Strengthens Your Immune System

Cold showers help to prevent infections, colds, and flu by causing the body to produce more monocytes and lymphocytes. These are two types of white blood cells the eliminate toxins, foreign bacteria, and other unwanted substances in the body.

Along with colds, flus, and infections, it is theorized that cold showers may even prevent some types of cancer.

  1.    Blood Circulation Improves

Good circulation is extremely important for a healthy cardiovascular system. When warm and cold water alternates in the shower, it causes vasoconstriction, or the tightening of arteries and veins, and vasodilation, which has the exact opposite effect.

The combination of these two help to keep blood circulating throughout the body, and help prevent varicose veins, hypertension, and hardening of the arteries.

  1.    Promotes Weight Loss

Cold water in your shower increases your metabolism by stimulating production of what is known as “brown fat”. Brown fat is more involved in the burning of energy, and when the body is submerged in cold water, it creates more of the brown fat in order to burn energy to make heat.

Consistent creation of more of this brown fat because of cold showers will result in a faster metabolism and a more effective body processing system.

  1.    Relieves Depression

Noradrenaline is a chemical that is believed to help alleviate depression, and it is made in the “blue spot” in the brain. Cold water helps simulate this blue spot and therefore helps in producing antidepressant chemicals like noradrenaline.

  1.    Deepens Breathing

Cold water in your shower creates a gentle kind of stress that is healthy for your body. Your body deals with this stress by trying to breathe deeply and open up your lungs. This results in a higher intake of oxygen, which is great for feeling awake and for improved exercise.

  1.    Healthier Skin and Hair!

Cold water is known for its ability to tighten and reduce the size of pores and cuticles. This makes for shinier looking hair and a reduced amount of acne. In warm water, your pores are opened up, and your skin and hair are more likely to dry out.

This article was written by Kate Stefanski. Kate is originally from Chicago, Illinois but now resides in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida where she is an English major. When she isn’t writing papers and reading Fitzgerald, she blogs her heart out and FaceTimes her nephew. She is also a content creator for Rejuve Health Clinics. To learn more about Kate, visit her Google+.

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