How Windows 8 can help you to keep your children safe

How Windows 8 can help you to keep your children safeNowadays the children grow up surrounded by computers, tablets, smartphones and they spend a lot of their time online. They use those devices to communicate with friends, play video games or get the information they need from the internet.

And it is usually their parents task to monitor what their can their children see online, who they meet or what they share. And with the developement of online devices gets more challenging every year.

Microsoft to the rescue

But parents are not left to do the monitoring alone. Most of the top operating systems producers include in their products some tools for parental control (windows parental control). Today we will see, what the Microsoft’s flagship Windows 8 OS has to offer. The previous operating systems Vista and Windows 7 had already quite high level of security, but in Windows 8 the bar have been raised higher once again.

Monitor first

The previous parental control systems were mainly focused on the filtering options or blocking certain websites. In the Windows 8, Microsoft changed the course, and the main essence of parental controls comes from the „monitor first” approach. Through this feature all of the web activity, that can tell you which websites your child viewed or tried to enter. This includes those websites that were considered inappropriate or suspicious. The next thing is the ability to monitor whole computer activity, and it can tell us which applications or games were used on the childs account and for how long. It can also display an information if our child was blocked from using certain applications.

What’s new?

Parental controls in Windows 8 have all the same restrictions that were present in the previous version of this OS, but there are some new additions. First thing to notice, is very easy set up of the control. When you add new user in Windows 8 there is a checkbox asking us if this is a child account and lets us to turn of Family Safety mode which will provide us with weekly reports of their PC use. Another feature from the time limits branch is called „curfew”, and it allows us to limit how many hours on which days the account can be used.

It is completely integrated with Windows Store, which allows us to restrict what our child can see and download from there. Moreover, you are able to block certain games or application or just set an appropriate game rating level due to the PEGI, that will be available to play. One of the most interesting things is the SafeSearch web filter, which filters out the adult videos, images or text from the most popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


To sum it up, parental control in Windows 8 is very user friendly and it contains useful tools, using which can let you to finely tune all the restrictions you might think about. But it is always good to secure yourself with some additional third-party software, that might have some more unique features that are not present in the Microsoft’s product. If you want to know more, visit

PCWebControl is widely used parental monitoring sofware. It contains many interesting features, that will make you feel less worried about your children’s online activites.

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