Tuxedo Formal Wear Tips From Fashion Wear Experts

Tuxedo Formal Wear Tips From Fashion Wear ExpertsIts awards time again and fashion experts are anxiously watching the stars as they parade down the red carpet. Last year, stars like Brad Pitt and Steve Van Zandt had to endure the nastiest of fashion wear comments.

Both stars made simple mistakes that turned their expensive haute couture tuxedos into off-the-rack suits. Now, not all of us can afford these high-end tuxedos but we can rent tuxedos for a special event.

To prevent being panned, it’s a good idea to find out what fashion wear experts consider yes’s and complete no-nos while wearing tuxedos.


Flat front trousers are the most popular at present but they should just skim the shoe without showing socks or shoe top. Brad Pitt made the mistake of wearing too long trousers and his trouser puddled on top of his shoes. This is a complete no-no and you should find pants that are sized perfectly. If you cannot find the perfect length, ask the tailor to take up or let down the trouser length for a perfect fit.


Popular brands like Wilkes Barre tuxedos are the most popular with consumers, as they make high-end and mid-range tuxedos as well. You will also find beautiful haute couture tuxedos from brands like Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, etc. at these stores. Fashion experts recommend you buy or rent branded tuxedos as they are cut and fitted by expert tailors. These tuxedos will also require minimal fitting and they suit nearly every body type.

Buy vs. rent

Buying is always a good idea but not everyone can afford the $1000 to $2000 branded suits. As a result, fashion experts also recommend the use of tuxedo rental websites that stock high-end tuxedos from designers. Rental tuxedos are much more affordable and they may average about $50 to about $200 or less. The rental store will also stock beautiful accessories like shoes, socks, bowties, cummerbunds, etc. in matching shades and textures for rent. For single events, it’s a good idea to rent rather than buy tuxedos but make sure you rent from the best retailer possible.

General tips

  • Rent the entire tuxedo from a single retailer to ensure that colors match. If possible, rent the accessories as well from the same retailer as they usually offer bulk rentals.
  • If you want to purchase, wait for off-season or discount sales to come up. Branded tuxedos can easily be expensive and discount sales are the best time to purchase.
  • Rental tuxedos have to be returned the day after the event. Most retailers make it easy to return the tuxedo by providing a box and paid tickets for the return process.

In the end, it all comes down to confidence. Do not go by fashion and pick the trendiest style. Pick a classic, fitted tuxedo as it fits nearly every body type and flatters it considerably. The classic black or midnight blue color is also very popular and it flatters nearly every body shape. Take the time to browse through the inventory on www.savvibysarno.com to find the latest styles and fits.

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