Tips for Planning the Ideal Award Ceremony

Tips for Planning the Ideal Award CeremonyCoordinating a corporate recognition event or award ceremony can be a daunting and difficult task. Your upcoming award ceremony may be a single stand-alone event, or it may be one part of an annual corporate or departmental meeting. You may have the option of choosing an off-site or on-site location for the ceremony, or you might even choose to have it teleconferenced so that personnel in many different office locations can participate.

You can choose to have a relaxed and laid-back gathering or a formal corporate ceremony, and you have many different types and sizes of awards to choose from. With all of the options available to you, you can quickly become overwhelmed and unsure of the best course of action to take. In order to make the process less daunting, here are some tips for planning and carrying out the ideal award ceremony.


Successfully planning the ideal award ceremony involves organizational skills and the ability to manage time effectively. Break each piece of the ceremony apart so that you have many small tasks that can be done one at a time. Some of these tasks may include:

  • Contacting and comparing quotes from various caterers
  • Booking a location
  • Choosing and ordering awards
  • Notifying press and media
  • Creating a list of attendees
  • Choosing, ordering, and sending out invitations

Make a list of every task that must be completed in order to carry out a successful award ceremony, and put them in order of importance. Tasks that are more time-consuming or sensitive than other tasks should be placed at the top of your list in order to ensure that they are completed in time. Once you have completed a task on your list, cross it off and add any pertinent administrative notes alongside it.

Plan Ahead for Awards

An award ceremony is fairly pointless if you don’t have any trophies to give out. It is easy to make the mistake of underestimating how long it takes to order and receive trophies, but you should make it a rule of thumb to make sure that your order is placed well before the event date. When you order your trophies, schedule them to arrive two to three weeks before your event is scheduled, and always order a few more than you actually need. It is always best to be over-prepared than under-prepared when it comes to planning an award ceremony.

Special Invitations

When preparing invitations for award ceremony attendees, you should send special invitations to award recipients and ask them to let you know if they plan to bring any guests to the event. A special area should be cordoned off next to the stage for award recipients and their guests, and seats should be assigned based on the order that they will be called to the stage. Make sure that the announcer knows exactly how to pronounce each name on the list before the event starts.

Have Fun

Whether your award ceremony is formal or casual, you should always plan ways to make it more fun for everyone involved. Consider hiring a professional photographer and setting up a red carpet area so that your award recipients and guests can receive Hollywood red carpet treatment. Do whatever you can to make your guests feel important, comfortable, and involved. If you do all of these things you will be on your way to planning the ideal award ceremony.

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