Seven Steps to Develop Your Champion iPhone App

Have you ever wondered how an iPhone app is developed.  Have you ever thought of developing one of your own?  Read on to learn exactly how an app is developed.

Seven Steps to Develop Your Champion iPhone App

1. The first step is, of course, the idea.  You need an idea and you need to run it by people, refine it, determine exactly what features the app will need to have to be successful.  Exactly what is needs to be able to do for people to want it.  Before hailing your idea as the best thing since sliced bread, make sure that other people will feel the same way.  People do like their sliced bread, you know.

If you browse through the iPhone App Store you can quickly learn if there are already ten apps that do exactly what you want to do (bad news) or if there are several good selling apps that are similar but don’t do quite as much as your does (good news). Check the lists of top-paid, top-free and top-grossing apps overall, as well as in the category of your app.

Ask yourself the hard question: “Is the world ready to download my app?”  Ask yourself an even more important question: “Based on what I see, should I adapt my idea to be better aligned with what people are actually downloading?”

2. Wireframing comes next.  This term means sketching out how your idea will work.  What the screenshots might look like, drawings of faces or characters or buttons.  Explanations of what goes where and what happens when you tap where.  Traditionally, wireframing has been done on bar or restaurant napkins.  But for apps, in the Internet age, you might also opt for a wireframing tool.  Some tools, such as Wireframe Sketcher and Invision App, allow you to add buttons and even build a simulated prototype.  This can come in very handy for…

3. You need to raise money.  Unless you are a professional coder, you will probably need to hire some people who are.  You have some options here.  You could be rich (that’s my favourite approach).  Or you could get friends and family to invest.  Or you might do some crowdfunding through Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

You’ll need a good sales pitch with a creative video (uploaded to your Youtube channel) that gives potential contributors a sense of the possibilities.  Add in some exciting perks, such as to be one of the first to get their hands on the app or to be a beta tester.

4. Register as an iPhone app developer.  Head over to the Apple Developer Center and read, read, read.  Make sure you understand everything that is involved – all the guidelines, all the license agreements and all the steps you have to follow.

5. You need to choose an iPhone app development team.   The best way to determine who is a good team to hire is to ask for samples.  Try to view samples as similar as possible to what you want created.  Thoroughly test each app to make sure t.hey did not leave anything out and that everything runs smoothly (and to get ideas if there is anything you might have not figured when you designed your wireframes).  A lot of talented developers are overseas.  Offshore programmers can save you money, but they also present communication challenges if English is not their first language or if they are in different time zones, two factors to consider carefully.

6. Now you wait.  Well, not completely.  Chances are, there will be a lot of communication back and forth with the development team.  But you’ll be waiting for them to contact you with questions or bits and pieces to show you for feedback.  So while you are waiting, you can…

7. Plan your marketing.  If you opted to be rich, you will be starting from scratch.  However, if you opted for crowdfunding, you can work this audience.  Keep them updated on progress.  Get them to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter.  And get them to like and share your Youtube teaser video.

Make a list of all the iPhone app review sites and blogs.  Make a list of any niche blogs.  For instance, if you have an app that related to dogs, make a list of all the blogs for dog owners.  Remember to capture the blog’s name, the bloggers name, the blog’s URL and the email address or contact form URL, so that you’ll be ready to ask for a review the moment the app is ready.

Develop Your Champion iPhone App

That’s it.  Follow these seven steps and you have all the basics for a winning iPhone app.  What you add in that cannot be listed in these steps is your own personality, your own energy and your own creativity.  Make it you, make it special and make it original.  People will be drawn to a truly special app and a truly special app promoter.

Mark Varley is an inventor at heart.  He has wireframed dozens of ideas for apps and other items, and has sold some of his ideas to various developers and manufacturers.

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