Personal Finance Apps That Make Budgeting Easier

Personal Finance Apps That Make Budgeting EasierBudgeting is no easy feat, especially when you find yourself at a blow-out sale at your favorite store. Your notebook filled with your list of expenses and fancy calculations is at home, well out of reach. You want to take advantage of these great prices, but you don’t want to run out of money for food and heat.

Do you take your chances and go on a shopping spree or do you err on the side of caution, go home empty-handed, and kick yourself later?


This extremely easy-to-use and intuitive app uses aesthetically pleasing visuals and helpful infographics to provide users with a quick and simple way to track their spending and calculate their finances. You can even take pictures of your bills and receipts for your records.

Scroll through your main feed to access your activity with ease, check out the breakdown of where your money goes, and take advantage of iCloud backup. User-friendly Spendee is particularly useful to anyone who is new to budgeting or financial apps. And, if you find personal finance boring, Spendee will turn a tedious activity into fun.


If you long for a comprehensive personal finance app that provides you with a complete picture of your fiscal standings, Mint is likely for you. By consolidating your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and mortgage accounts, Mint can provide you with an accurate Big Picture of your financial state, break down your expenses into categories for easy viewing, and let you know your up-to-date account balances–taking the guesswork out of shopping at your favorite store. It can also alert you to unusual activity, low account balances, and upcoming due dates. Mint will even create a starter budget on your behalf based on your previous three month’s history. This handy app is an efficient multi-tasker.


Learnvest is ideal for individuals who are goal-oriented and love to measure their progress on an ongoing basis. Like Mint, this app invites users to link their accounts to create a fiscal Big Picture. Learnvest uses an easy drag and drop method interface, and enables users to input cash transactions via their geo-location. Furthermore, Learnvest offers users the option to sign up for their Action Program, a step-by-step plan created and overseen by a Learnvest financial expert.


Formerly known as “Pageonce,” Check is a comprehensive app that will actually take over your finances if you let it. With the ability to monitor all of your bank and credit card accounts simultaneously, Check will remind you when your bills are due. You can even have this app pay your bills on the spot or you can schedule them to be paid on any day of the month. And it supports a huge variety of companies including credit cards, cable and satellite providers, cell phone companies, mortgage brokers, and more. If you worry over security, you can rest assured in the fact that Check is verified and monitored by several third parties including McAfee, TRUSTe, and Verisign.

If you’d like to learn more about how finance applications can help you, check out this interview with Stace Zimmerman on Personal Finance apps.

Armed with your favorite personal finance application, you will be able to spend exactly what you budget allows. So bid farewell to buyer’s remorse, and say “hello” to a portable budget-tracker that will keep you–and your finances–in line.

What is your favorite personal finance app? What features do you most enjoy?

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