What Makes a Great Twitter Background?

What Makes a Great Twitter Background?

Twitter is a great tool for making connections with others, for both businesses and individuals alike. But did you know that your background image on this platform can actually have an impact on your followers and possibly your business? Well it can, so you want to make sure that you are using this feature to the best of your ability.

First impressions are everything, and it is no different in the social media world. The benefits of a good Twitter background can be measured not only by the number of followers on your page, but also by the type of traffic conversions that take place because of something in your background.

If you are a business, this could in turn create a profitable return on something extremely simple. Keep in mind, though, that this effect will really only come from that initial look at your page since not many users return to view your entire profile after the first interaction.

So, what exactly can make a Twitter background great? Let’s take a look.

Contact Information and Other Web Properties

By incorporating additional contact information into your Twitter background, you are giving users information without the hassle of having to search for it on their own. This can include your address, phone number, website or hours of operation, since potential customers might need to know that information.

Both individuals and companies can also include information regarding their other web properties as well. This would include clickable buttons to Facebook, Instagram, your blog and more. You never know what followers might be interested in, so why not give them a few options that could lead traffic to your sites.

An Image Representing You or Your Brand

Having a background that is aesthetically pleasing is a pretty obvious way to spruce up your page. In order for this element to be great, it not only needs to look good; the image you choose must also represent your brand in a way that makes sense.

For instance, if you are a Mustang parts dealer, you can have a Twitter background consisting of a specific car part or even outlines of tools and parts that relate to your business. You want something that is eye-catching as well as relevant.

Content Sharing

You can use your Twitter background to share content too. If you have a special event or fundraiser coming up, create a graphic including the details of your event, and include that as part of your background. With little effort, you could get more attendees or donors than you would have without this addition.

You can also use promotional content. If your company has a new ad campaign that is running, work it into your background. It could be promoting your brand as a whole or even a single product; it is really up to you.

The “Less is More” Approach

In today’s world, minimalism is highly regarded. It is appealing to the eye and connotes modernity, which can make a great atmosphere for your Twitter page. Use clean lines and keep clutter out of the picture. If there is too much going on visually, it can be overwhelming to the viewer, which won’t really benefit your business.


Not only should your background be consistent with the overall theme of the page itself, it should also reach across different platforms, as well. What this means is that if a user visited your Twitter page and then clicked onto your website or Facebook page, they should be able to understand that it is the same brand being represented. Brand consistency with a background is simple to do, and can have a huge impact on your web presence and possible profitability.

It might be tempting to overlook a detail as small as your Twitter background, but a thoughtful and eye-catching image just might be what makes a follower look twice at your page.

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