Harmless April Fool’s Jokes for the Medical Staff

Harmless April Fool's Jokes for the Medical StaffWhen working in the medical field things can get a little tense. Every nurse and medical staffer, in general, deserves to have a bit of fun on the job. Fortunately, one of the best days of the year to have some fun is rapidly approaching. April Fools is a favorite holiday among the medical community.

April Fools’ Day pranks, in some hospitals, is a rite of passage, so take a look at these harmless pranks and consider pulling one or two to lighten the mood in the hospital just a little bit.

Goldfish In Fluid Bags 

If there is a nurse whose job is to collect fluid bags, you can pull a little prank on April Fool’s day. Before collection begins swap out one of the bags for a bag that contains water and two live goldfish. Make sure to choose a bag that is covered on one side so it is not completely see-through. Once the bag is flipped over, the alarming contents will be revealed. When the nurse collects the bags, she’ll be in for quite an interesting surprise. Not only will the prank be the talk of the ward, but a new pet might even take up residency at the nurses’ station.

Missing Supplies 

As many nurses know, medical supplies such as scrubs or stethoscopes are an important part of the job, and gloves are one of the most important. Set out an empty glove box, but place one small and one large glove in the box. Wait for a nurse to come by looking for gloves. When they reach into the box and pull out a small and a large glove, the look of surprise will be priceless. To add a bit more fun to the situation, be sure to insist they are the only gloves left.

The Old Resurrection Trick 

Medical staffers tend to have a slightly twisted sense of humor, and each year, this tried and true trick is played out in hospitals across the country. Have one nurse lay on a gurney and cover them as if they have been called. Send a rookie nurse in to clean the body prior to sending it to the morgue. When they pull back the sheet the nurse jumps up, giving the rookie a fright on April Fools’ Day.

Apple Juice Urine 

Urine happens to be the exact color of apple juice, and it basically lends itself to a great April Fool’s joke. Before a doctor comes on duty fill several urine specimen jars with apple juice. When the doctor comes by asking about urine samples, whip one out, open it and taste it. This joke is a classic, yet people fall for it every time. Most will recoil, before realizing they’ve fallen victim to another April Fools’ Day prank.

Odd Complaints 

If there is a doctor on staff who takes great pride in being a “go-getter”, help them “go get” with a little April Fools’ Day prank. Prior to the doctor, coming in for the day, create a lengthy and whimsical patient chart. Include the oddest complaints you can think of and combine them with other odd complaints. Place several nurses in the exam room where the fake patient is supposed to be seen. When the doctor draws back the curtain, he’ll quickly figure out that he has been the victim of a prank.

April Fools’ Day is a fun, whimsical time of year. Not only can it help to cut the tension in a high stress profession, but it also gives nurses a chance to get back at the people that cause them the most stress, most notably doctors and other medical staffers. Remember to have some fun, but keep it safe and harmless. You don’t want your joke to spiral out of control.

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