Get the Most for your Dollar with a Discount Dental Plan

Get the Most for your Dollar with a Discount Dental PlanDo you find yourself worrying about your family’s dental care costs? A shockingly large number of Americans have no dental care coverage at all. Unfortunately, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine, about 130 million Americans lack private dental coverage. These people are at the mercy of the market when a dental emergency strikes. Even worse, delaying or avoiding regular dental preventive care because of fear of high costs can make minor dental problems much worse.

Small issues that can easily be caught and resolved at a semi-annual check up visit can develop into a serious problem if you go many years between dental visits. With a dental plan, you can avoid the fear of high dental charges that may have been keeping you away from the dentist. Even better, with a plan that includes regular maintenance and cleaning visits at no additional cost, you have no excuse to go in for visits twice a year that will help to keep your oral health in peak condition.

How to Make Dental Care Affordable

If you are among the millions of American without access to dental insurance coverage, it may be time to consider a dental plan. While a dental plan for families is not insurance, it can be even better. The plan saves you money on the dental services that you actually need, by negotiating discounted rates for most major dental services. A good quality dental plan like Florida’s All-In-One Dental Plan can be very reasonably priced as a monthly payment, and some of the best dental care plans include free regular cleanings and dental check-up visits, including basic x-rays. People who have regular annual or twice-yearly dental check-ups and cleanings are much less likely to need major dental work as frequently as those who neglect professional attention to their oral health. Because it is not an insurance plan, the monthly cost of a dental plan for families is much more affordable.

Finding the Best Value in Dental Care

With a dental plan, you pay for only the dental care you need, at greatly reduced rates because the dental plan makes arrangements with dental professionals to provide services to plan members at greatly reduced rates. In conjunction with a dental plan, you can set up a special dental savings account at your local bank or credit union. The dramatic savings on dental services that you receive as part of the plan will very likely add up to more total savings than you would have spent on the combination of monthly dental insurance, plus co-pays and deductibles added to the cost of the other out-of-pocket costs of office procedures.

Plan for Dental Costs on an Annual Basis

With a family dental plan, you can be sure that your family will get the regular check-up and cleaning visits that help avoid many of the most severe problems. When your family needs dental work done beyond cleaning and basic x-rays, the rates that you will pay with a dental plan are significantly lower than the full market rate that the dentist would bill your insurance company. When you plan ahead with a dental savings account, you have the money ready to pay the reduced rates for the dental work, and you only pay for the actual work you need done. Get your family covered with dental plan today!

All-In-One Dental Plan offers affordable dental plans for families and individuals including students and seniors throughout the state of Florida.

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