Five Creative Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts For Your Business

Five Creative Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts For Your BusinessLast year, Google integrated G Chat, Gmail, and other existing messaging products into Hangouts, essentially creating a unified communication platform that brings a whole feast of opportunities to the table. Not only does this seamlessly connected system offer a convenient way for consumers to communicate with family and friends, it also makes for a potent tool companies can use to meet a variety of business objectives.

Check out some of the exciting ways Google+ Hangouts can help bolster your business.

1. Kickstarting Crowdsourcing Initiatives

Crowdsourcing is one of the hottest trends online, enabling businesses to meet their goals, while saving huge dollars on the research and development front. What many companies are finding is that crowdsourcing is one of the most effective ways to leverage Google+ Hangouts. For example, you can communicate with some of your most dedicated customers (up to 10) and allow them to provide feedback that helps improve specific products or the brand itself. When using the video chat feature, Hangouts shows customers that you’re actually listening, creating an environment they feel comfortable using to offer suggestions and solutions, while helping you strengthen relationships in the process.

2. Tout Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are highly recommended for the simple fact that they showcase your product and how it actually works. Whether you’re a software specialist or a chef in the food industry, Hangouts offers an idea way to show off your products. But with this platform, it’s not all about show and tell aspect, it’s about the interactive component as well. Viewers can see your product, but also ask questions that help them determine how well it meets their needs. For them, it’s a great educational resource. For your business, it’s an awesome marketing tool!

3. Incentives and Giveaways

Ice cream samples. Swag from the local radio station. We all like to be treated to a nice freebie every now and then, and thanks to Google+ Hangouts, you can now treat your customers in some of the coolest ways possible. The interactive element effectively cuts out the middle man and allows you to serve up those freebies directly to your customers. Give them something they really want, and they might show their appreciation by giving you more interest, more traffic, and more sales. Make a big deal about your giveaway by promoting the Hangouts session, and watch your engagement soar.

4. Host a Live Q&A Session

Hosting live Q&A sessions is another way to make effective use of Hangouts. Instead of waiting for you to respond to an email, customers can fire up this tool and communicate with you in real-time. More importantly, it affords them an opportunity to really to get know your business. For example, an author may chat with readers who want to know how long they’ve been writing, what authors inspire them, what influences their work, and so forth. Of course you can ask your audience members questions as well, so the potential for meaningful two-way dialogue is tremendous.

5. Customer Service

In today’s connected digital world, you never can have too many customers service channels. Google+ Hangouts can be your Huckleberry here, as well. Above all, what really makes this channel work for customer service is the personalization element. When customers have a problem, they reach out and contact you directly to have that issue resolved. The real-time component means things can get done in a timely fashion, while the face-to-face aspect creates an intimate setting that puts them in a comfort zone. Make sure you’re regularly available on Google+, and this tool can help you improve customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds.

Bonus Tip: One-on-One Training

Video is a powerful educational tool. Hangouts can help you capitalize on this very strength. Instead of communicating over the phone, fire up a session and give employees, clients, or students the training they need in a personal, one-to-one environment. It is very likely that they will absorb the information
more efficiently when they can not only hear, but see you delivering it. Of course the two-way communication factor only make this training environment that much more effective.

Google+ Hangouts was already a beast in its own right, but hulked up to all new levels once unified with other Google communication products. From video chat to instant messaging, a little creativity will go great distances in helping you make the most of this tool.

How are you using Hangouts to power your business?

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