Fitness Trackers Keep an Eye on Your Health 24 Hours

Fitness Trackers Keep an Eye on Your Health 24 HoursToday’s busy employees find it difficult to remain fit. They do not have the time to run on the treadmill or stick to healthy eating habits. Hence, most of them suffer from obesity and related problems. A study conducted by the Government in 2009 and 2010 shows that 69.2% of the adults aged 20 years and above are obese in the United States.

The problem of being overweight causes almost 300,000 premature deaths globally every year. Therefore, you must try to focus on weight management and nutrition issues before it is too late.

While work is inherent to earn living, managing weight is also essential. You cannot perform unless you are fit. Therefore, concentrate on the factors that will help you to improve health and well being. John, a sales manager in a reputed US Firm, said that he often does not have time to take breakfast. When he approached a nutritionist with the concern of increasing body weight, the nutritionist told that anyhow he must manage to have breakfast.

Skipping breakfast lowers the metabolism rate. A slower metabolism makes it almost impossible to lose weight. Moreover, better metabolism elevates the energy level and lets the employees put up the best performance throughout the day.

The nutritionist stressed that he had to burn more calories than he is consuming. The specialist has planned a diet for him with some workout that he can even do at his workplace. However, because of his busy work schedule, it was difficult to stick to the plan. This problem was constantly keeping him down. When John shared his distress with one of his colleagues, he readily suggested fitness tracker bands.

Initially John was clueless about how a gadget can help to lose weight.  He researched online and was astonished to find that several electronic trackers are available in market that can provide valuable health information following the signals from human bodies. These body scanning devices can help a lot to improve your health.

Top two fitness bands that can help to manage weight

Using the device Basis B1, you can measure significant body signals and make necessary changes in your lifestyle. The device normally analyzes a person’s heart rate in three natural states: sleep, active, and awake. The heart rate changes often in a day. It usually accelerates while exercising. However, it can also increase when you are sitting. How will you know when your pulse rate is rising and why?

Basis B1 is equipped with accelerometer that can identify the differences in pulse rate for various causes. It can detect motion and can differentiate between whole body movement and small movements in the body.

The thermometer present within the device records the temperature of the wearer’s body. At the same time, it takes into account the outside temperature. Considering both the readings, you can have an insight of your metabolism. When the muscle works, the body temperature rises. During this time, more calories are burnt. External temperature is also significant when you want to chart the metabolic process. When it is cold, more energy is required to maintain the normal body temperature.

Basis B1 contains the galvanic skin response sensor, which reveals the wearer’s level of exertion at the time of exercise. The record of the skin’s moisture output, when combined with heat rate and temperature data, can provide a clear view of how your body responds to different levels of activities.

After doing some kind of analysis, the Basis B1 reveals useful metrics, such as:

  • Calories burned
  • Sleeping hours
  • Heart rate
  • Steps taken

This band looks like a watch, which you can wear and check throughout the day. If your work hinders you to study the numbers from the band in the day, connect it to your computer and upload the information to cloud. Basis algorithms study your numbers, understand your health profiles, and provide recommendations to improve your health. Basis B1 being quite expensive, you can also consider the cheaper options, the Fitbit bands.

Another distinguishing wearable fitness tracking device that has been there in the market for a year is Fitbit Flex. Recently Fitbit Force, an improved version of Flex, was rolled out. However, the company withdrew it after receiving reports of skin allergies caused by this band. Hence, it is Fitbit Flex that still continues to rule the market. It can monitor everything you do throughout the day — track the calories you burn, steps you take, and the time for which you sleep. The greatest advantage of the Flex model is that it consumes minimum power. This device is, therefore, just apt for on-the-go users, and that too, at a much affordable price.

You do not have to plug in the device to a computer or phone and convert the statistics into easily understandable versions. At present every employee carries a smartphone in their pocket and your Flex will trickle data to your phone, which you can check easily. The device also supports your endeavor of weight loss. You can set up a goal, and based on the daily activities, fix a calorie intake level. You can dedicatedly follow the calorie meter set up in your device. The only drawback of the Fitbit Flex is that it lacks a screen that shows real-time statistics. However, the beginners can always go for this device.

There are many other types of wearable trackers available in the market. Study in details what kind of measures these trackers are able to deliver and decide the best one for you. Any tracker can significantly motivate those who really need to work out. It does a great job by counting the steps, urges you to increase the count if required, and congratulates you once you reach the goals. John soon realized that many of his co-workers, who hardly have the time to exercise, are using the trackers. They set up a target of steps and when they realize they are falling short of the count, they walk a distance. It is the perfect tool to keep you healthy in a rigorously competitive environment.


In recent times, most of the employees suffer from the problem of being overweight. Time constrains do not let them to follow a tight diet regimen or perform exercises. Modern fitness tracking gadgets can motivate them to be back to a healthy life. These simple wearable devices will track your body signals round the clock and transform them into easily understandable forms, so that you can stay healthy.

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