The Dog Days of Training

The Dog Days of TrainingThere is nothing as sweet as the look on a little girl or boy’s face when they get a new pet.  Getting a new dog can be a big moment in their childhood.  Whether it’s a Dachsund or a Doberman, a puppy demands a certain responsibility with care and training so they grow up to be a well-behaved member of the family.  There are many basic responsibilities to take care of, from regular feeding and grooming to cleaning up after their mess.  From there, a dog owner will probably want to train the dog to follow basic commands.

Training concepts can be as simple as giving treats as a reward.  Some people prefer clicker training, while others may want to invest in an electronic dog fence.  The technology in dog training has become so sophisticated that it can be tailored to the needs of the owner and the dog.

Training a Dog to Understand Limits

When a dog owner has to teach a dog a lesson, the point is to modify the dog’s behavior so it behaves well at home and in public.  Both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement can be effective training techniques.  An electronic collar can be used both ways.  After the dog bites someone, stimulation can be applied, which is negative reinforcement.  If a command is given to lie down, mild stimulation can be applied until the dog obeys the command, when it’s released.  That’s positive reinforcement.  Either of those techniques might come in handy in the following situations:

  • Eating off of the table
  • Jumping on people
  • Barking excessively
  • Running away

Having Yard Boundaries

A dog that runs at people can scare them, especially if the person has had a bad experience in the past and it is a large dog like a German Shepherd or a Mastiff.  The electronic fence concept can keep the dog where it needs to be, so it understands its boundaries.  The electronic collars for such a system apply an electronic current that acts as a deterrent.  Once the system is installed, the dog will not be able to leave the yard.  The system comes with five different stimulation levels to fit different sized dogs.  An electronic vibration page is sent to the dog when it gets close to the yard boundaries.  The electronic dog fence applies the stimulus consistently, so the dog learns those boundaries as rapidly as if there were a physical fence around the yard.

Keeping the Neighbors Happy

A dog’s bark can be a great alert system when the dog owner is in the back of your house and somebody walks up to the front door.  When the dog barks repeatedly, however, that system can get annoying to the visitor as well as the dog owner.  Electronic no bark collars are sophisticated training tools for dog owners trying to modify Fido’s habits.  An electronic collar has a few different facets to its approach.

  • Non jolting pagers
  • Momentary vibration before a shock
  • Constant stimulation when necessary
  • Different stimulation levels for different sizes

With careful and consistent training using a high tech collar, it’s relatively easy for an owner to let their pup know that barking is not acceptable in certain circumstances.  When the owner controls remotely, the dog can enjoy more freedom and fun while learning.  Once the dog is trained to bark only when appropriate and knows where it can play in the yard, it will be an even better companion for a young girl or boy.

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