How to Create the Ultimate Home Music Setup

How to Create the Ultimate Home Music SetupI am firm believer that music makes the world spin around. Where would we be right now without Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, or The Who?

Frankly, I reckon’ we’d be lost. It is often said that if man is the best creation of God; then music is the best creation of man, and that’s easy to see when you consider that music touches the heart like nothing else.

There is a song for everyone, and a melody that depicts every taste. The beauty of music is that it holds a vital pillar in our lives, brings people together, evokes emotion, and builds connections.

Nowadays, we are graced with technology, and the ability to play high quality tunes in the comfort of our own homes. If you love your music, here’s how to create the ultimate home music set up.


The amplifier is your media station. It controls the volume of your music and all speakers plug directly into it. As such, it’s important to buy your amplifier alongside your speakers, so that you can ensure compatibility.

The Marantz PM6005 Amplifier from Superfi is a solid amplifier that costs just £299.00. It has 2 x 45 watts of amplification, 5 line RCA inputs including a turntable input, an optical Toslink input, and a digital coaxial input. The Onkyo TX8050 is also a great amplifier.

Media player

What’s your preferred format, vinyl? Cassette? CD? MP3?

Personally, I believe that there is no finer format than vinyl, and a great starter record player is the Pro-Ject Genie MK3. The Pro-Ject Genie MK3 costs around £200 online and it’s a stunning record player offering considerable quality.

For CD’s and cassettes, any media player is good enough, so long as it has ample connectivity to plug into a modern amplifier. A great cassette deck is the TEAC W890R, priced at around £220 online.

For MP3, many amplifiers now come with Bluetooth or USB connectivity.


It is important to not skimp when it comes to speakers – after all, it is these that will determine how good your music sounds. You don’t want to do Buddy Holly an injustice do you?

Floorstanding speakers, such as the Tannoy Revolution DC4T series, are a great entry-level option for those who want something that sound great and look great (around £450). If you want superb sound quality, then the Mission 794SE speakers are perfect (around £850), with superior bass response and crystal clear highs and mid-range.

If you need something a little smaller, then bookshelf speakers will be better for you. Small but powerful, these speakers are ideal for placement on, you guessed it, a bookshelf or similar space. If you are on a budget, the Mission MX2 (around £200) speakers are hard to beat, but for a little extra money the KEF C3 speakers (around £220) offer some of the best sound for the price.

Ultimately, it can take many years for a home music set up to be perfect. Test different equipment to see what’s right for your taste and remember that some speakers are designed for different genres.

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