Backyard Tennis Court: Things You Need to Know

Backyard Tennis Court: Things You Need to Know

Are you a tennis enthusiast? Do you want to spend a major share of time of your weekends playing the game? You can try to get membership in some of the clubs that offer this game. However, it is not always easy to get access to the tennis court that the club offers. In such a case, do you want to set up a court at your backyard? If you feel that you can create it just by making the ground flat, think again. Like almost all other outdoor sports, tennis also needs a specific type of court. And the quality of the court you are preparing plays a major role in determining the how you perform there as a player.

Check Out the Space You Have

Be it the construction of a new tennis court or resurfacing an old one, it is going to be an extremely expensive procedure. Hence, proper care should be taken when you are planning to build a tennis court at the back of your house. There are a few steps that need to be followed during the construction of the court. You will first need to ensure that the area that you have is enough to accommodate a full tennis court. A normal tennis court is usually 60′ x 120′. However, if you have less space, you can also go for a 56′ x 114′ court, which is the minimum dimension required by the International Tennis Federation. Any tennis court should also slope, from side to side, corner to corner, or end to end.

Select the Right Material for Your Tennis Court

The cost of setting up a tennis court can vary from low to extremely high. It mainly depends on the type of the surface materials used. The tennis court at your backyard can be made from various materials:

  • Hydro court
  • Asphalt court
  • Cushioned court
  • Har-Tru clay court
  • Synthetic clay court
  • Concrete court

These courts are designed in the perfect way to meet all your requirements. Among these, cushioned courts stand apart due to the fact that they can even be expanded to form a basketball court. Besides, these courts prevent joint injuries, as unlike the hard courts, these courts help to reduce the chance of Moreover, they also require minimum maintenance, thus making it a hassle-free process for you to own a backyard tennis court.

Follow the Steps for Tennis Court Construction

Flattening the surface at your backyard is the first step, if you are planning to build a home tennis court.  You need to set the sewage right by setting a pipeline by the side of the court. The slope of the court ensures that no water stands there. In addition, the pipeline just outside the court provides the perfect channel for the water to flow out. The concrete and stone base of the court also plays a major role in ensuring that the court is dry even after heavy rains. You also need to select the type of surface material that you want to use for your backyard tennis court. Paint the lines clearly, such that they are clearly visible to the players. Some amount of space also needs to be left around the court, so that the players can run around without any problem while playing.

Choose the Color of the Court Prudently

When you are ordering a bespoke tennis court for your backyard, the design can be just the way you want. Consult with the company, which is creating the court for you, about the type of material used as well as its shades. The appearance of the court can be decided by the user. You can choose from a wide range of shades, which can be provided by the company, which is constructing the tennis court in your backyard. Always remember that apart from the aesthetic perspective, the colors of the court need to be  prudently picked to ensure proper visibility for the players.

Creating a tennis court at your backyard is no more a far-fetched idea. All you need is some space for it at the back of your house. The rest will be handled by professional companies, which offer best-in-class services for constructing court surfaces. You will be the one who will select the materials for the court. However, you need to have a proper idea about these materials and the pricing to complete the whole transaction within your budget.

Paul Gold
Mr. Gold, the owner of Sport Surfaces, has been in the Sports Construction and Repair industry for over 15 years. He has serviced top players, such as Andy Rodick, and been called to be on location to shoot tennis commercials with Serena and Venus Williams. He is a popular blogger and blogs on topics, such as constructing a tennis court and so on.

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