5 Super Stylish Flooring Options for Your Living Room

5 Super Stylish Flooring Options for Your Living Room

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Our quest for the perfectly designed living room continues at every renovation. We spend a lot of time in the living room, escaping from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Sometimes we just need to put our feet up and watch television on our own or with a loved one. Whatever the reason, we need a pleasant, comfortable surrounding.

The living room is normally decorated at least every five years or so; maybe more. Every redecoration project will not stretch to new flooring as it is too expensive for many people to replace on such a regular basis. However, there comes a time when the old carpet is looking a little threadbare and needs to be replaced.

Here are five of the many options available to you when thinking of putting down a new floor covering.


Timeless and classy, real hardwood flooring can bring a feeling of quality to your room. Many different varieties of tree are used to create a wide range of shades and natural timber effects. The boards come pre-stained or varnished and are easily installed. If your natural wood floor should become scratched after years of hard use, it can be sanded down with a floor sander that can be hired for a day. The floor can then be re-varnished to a high standard.


Modern laminate flooring is the poorer, though not necessarily cheaper, cousin to wood flooring. There are stunning effects and shades available. Laminate is simple to install nowadays as the boards simply click together and only need cutting for the end of each row. The days of covering yourself with glue are, thankfully, behind us. When installing laminate or real wood, always remove the skirting boards and replace with new on top of the floor covering. Not only does the job look more professional, you may also find that the floor is then covered by the buildings insurance. It is always worth checking.


I am a traditionalist and, though real wood and laminate have their benefits, would always opt for carpet in my living room. The incredible range available from J C Carpets, among other reputable suppliers, is staggering. There is no floor covering as relaxing, warm, and luxurious as a thick pile carpet.


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Some people may argue that carpet has no place in a contemporary room. However, look in the image and you will see that there is a carpet for every design. Go carpet!


Modern designs these days often include tiled floors. The issue of cold can be overcome by the use of underfloor heating. The use of large tiles looks awesome in these rooms and can be any colour or design you choose. A single colour works best and can fit in with future decorating schemes.


Staying on the subject of modern rooms, vinyl flooring could be your solution. People in modern apartments often try to achieve a commercial look. There are many types of vinyl flooring and, left in the hands of installation experts, stunning results can be achieved. Intricate designs can be inlaid into the main covering, such as is seen in shops and offices.

With all of the options listed above, lets not forget the power of the rug. A good rug can enhance any style or scheme and, since there are millions from which to choose, there is no doubt an attractive one out there waiting for you. Rugs can be changed along with the decorating and add a touch of warmth.

So, armed with the latest knowledge, you can now begin to consider what floor is right for you (carpet). Choose wisely as it may have to last a long time.

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