How to Update Your Living Space

How to Update Your Living SpaceSame space, new look. Updating your living spaces is one of the best ways to spice up your home. Decorating can be a challenge for most. However, employing the proper design elements, furniture, or colors can make your decorating more of a hit than a miss.

Here are some basic tips to use when you need to give your home or any room a new look.

Organize a flow

A space needs a flow, whether it’s based on the rules of Feng Shui, your personal taste, or that of your interior designer. The flow makes the room work together in terms of aesthetics and use. There are many bases for a space’s flow, but it is governed by a few fundamentals: Balance, harmony and unity, rhythm, emphasis, and proportion and scale.

A space does not have to be perfectly symmetrical to attain balance. Balance is achieved by equal distribution of sizes and colors throughout the room.

Make sure your furniture, upholstery, and all the other components of the room complement each other. Each object must have its own place and function for harmony and unity to happen.

Make use of repetition or gradual progression of colors so a space has its working rhythm. Also, rhythm is achieved not only by similarities, but also by putting opposites together.

Emphasize your focal point. A focal point can be a single large piece of furniture as a centerpiece or a group of big and small objects. Establishing a focal point is important because it highlights the best part of the space and provides direction when it comes to adding other complementary elements.

Proportion and scale are not only essential to the functionality of the room, they also help avoid clutter.

When updating a room, make sure it doesn’t just “look pretty.” Create a space that is inviting. Take advantage of arrangements that make an environment more comfortable and easier to move around.

Update your space with the latest trends

The best way to update your space is to add trendy items, colors, and patterns. One of the emerging trends for this year is incorporating antique furniture to a modern room. This touch adds grace and elegance to your contemporary space. Antiques on Old Plank Road carries a collection of elegant furniture that can add a rich elegance to your space.

This year, interior decorators are de-cluttering to give way for interesting patterns, stand out colors, and vintage accents. Incorporate trends to update items that you already have. For example, add an eclectic throw pillow to your classic couch or adding a brass vintage frame on your desk.

Take advantage of a color scheme

Colors can impact emotions. Make use of colors to set the mood for a room. The uses of different colors have been known to produce positive effects such as reducing stress or stimulating creativity.

Choose a color that suits the purpose of the space. Choose cool and relaxing colors for your living spaces and warm and cozier hues for your dining areas.

Take an adventurous step this year and spice up your living space. Make use of these guiding principles and you’ll be one step closer to putting your perfect space together.

Angie Cole

Angie Cole

Angie Cole is a fan of everything vintage and admires true old-world craftsmanship. She writes for Antiques on Old Plank Road, a furniture shop that imports and restores European quality antique and vintage pieces.
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