Two Master Bedrooms: The Latest Trends in Custom Built Homes

Two Master Bedrooms - The Latest Trends in Custom Built HomesThe current course for custom built homes to add convenience, comfort, and the pleasure of having two master bedroom suites allow homebuyers the opportunity to address issues of American attitude and social change. The biggest bedroom in a home, which includes a large private bathroom, is the master bedroom. When you’re building your own home it can be built with two master bedrooms.

Homes with two master bedroom suites are expected to be in 60 percent of custom homes by 2015. This is the prediction of the National Association of Home Builders.

New Attitude:

Sleeping in separate bedrooms is not new in America. The results of a 2005 survey reported by the National Sleep Foundation reported this occurrence happening with American couples to the ratio of one in four. Realizing the importance of sleep for good health, many Americans are making the habit of getting enough sleep a priority. This attitude is being expressed with homebuyers building homes with two master bedrooms.

Sleep Deprivation:

In today’s high-paced, multi-tasking lifestyles, it’s very easy to get an insufficient amount of rest and sleep. Many Americans are involved in long hours studying, working, or socializing in the wee hours of night. Lacking adequate sleep can create problems in judgment, memory, learning abilities, and mood, as well as contribute to driving and other accidents, causing serious injuries. Habitual lack of sleep can cause overweight, heart problems, diabetes, and shorten one’s life. People make errors or are unproductive at work because of sleepiness. Buyers of custom built homes can add two master bedroom suites to reduce influences contributing to insufficient sleep. Health conditions and snoring can interrupt sleep patterns. Why should either have to give up the convenience, comfort, or pleasure of a master bedroom, when two master bedrooms can be built?

Preferential Differences:

There’s the old saying, “some like it hot, some like it cold.” Couples have different preferences. While one partner prefers a single sheet and blanket, the other is more comfortable under a couple of heavy quilts. What about the rooms lighting? Some people want complete darkness, others want a little light and still others, a little more. Those buyers with custom built homes, find having two master bedrooms, lessen problems when one partner desires to quietly read and the other wants to watch T.V. Then there’s the plight of those who dread the thought of pets in the bedroom, while others enjoy pets in their bed.

Personal Décor:

Most men prefer a home’s décor be primarily in the domain of their spouses. Two master bedroom suites allow custom built homes to indulge a man’s pleasure in creating his own comfortable “man” space. He can choose a mattress type, a favorite chair, recliner and a big screen size, to watch his favorite sport shows. Many couples suggest their marriages have improved because two master bedrooms allow them to feed their sexual fantasies with date night invitations to one bedroom or the other. Absence can make the heart grow fonder and separation heighten anticipation.

At the University of Minnesota, in the department of family and social science, professor Paul Rosenblatt studied couples with separate bedrooms and found they “had separate places for their sleeping arrangements, but also had a together place. Some do their cuddling, before going their separate ways.” Many couples are in business together or they may both be retired and spend a lot of time together. In other situations one partner rises early in the morning, the other is most active late at night. These conditions may make it necessary for partners to retreat to the space of separate master bedrooms for personal re-grouping and re-coup time.

Extended Families:

More Americans are experiencing the desire for custom built homes that accommodate the needs of extended families. In today’s economy young adults find it necessary to remain or return home after college or after having moved out on their own. Some of these young adults are returning with families of their own. Other extended family members would be senior relatives unable to live on their own for a variety of reasons, including health assistance needs or limited resources. Extended family members also include siblings. An advantage of custom built homes with two master bedrooms, would be the additional provision for spaciousness and privacy. An additional feature of custom built homes with two master bedrooms is their economical advantage for buyers wishing to co-own.


Some family members and friends are only able to buy a custom home when they pool their monies together. This is particularly true for those buying a home for the first time. Co-buyers can take advantage of the benefits they receive in the privacy, convenience and comfort of a home built with two master bedrooms.

Cameron Wilkie owns and operates Cambuild, a leading a leading luxury home builder specialising in Custom Built Homes in Perth, Australia.

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