Top Seven Weight Loss Myths – Debunked

Top Seven Weight Loss Myths – DebunkedTrying to determine the major illness, which is haunting people across the globe at the moment? The answer can be varied, depending on what aspect you are looking at. But one ailment is expected to come in all lists, no matter how you determine the list – it is obesity. Billions of people across the globe are affected by this ailment at the moment and are trying to fight it in various ways.

This disease can lead to serious health problems in future, many of which might also be fatal. Hence, people are trying their best to lose weight through different ways. With the consciousness regarding obesity and weight loss rising gradually, different myths around the topic are arising.

Myth 1: Eating after sunset will result in excessive weight gain

It is not the time, on which the concept of weight gain depends. Instead, it is the amount of calorie, which is consumed that determines the increase in weight. Besides, it is also important to burn the calories consumed to ensure that you are able to lose weight. Hence, it does not matter when you are eating your meals, you should instead focus on how much food you are consuming.

Myth 2: A fat-free diet can be the best way to lose weight

A well planned diet, no doubt, helps to lose weight fast. But a fat-free diet is not the right solution. Fat is essential for your body and it is essential to consume small amounts of it on a regular basis. It is true that some kinds of fats are harmful to the body. However, majority of the unsaturated fats are usually necessary for the body. Hence, it is important to plan your diet prudently.

Myth 3: Eating snacks causes excessive weight gain

Usually snacks contain different forms of fat. However, if you feel snacks will cause only weight gain, think again! It is important for your body to have continuous metabolism in your body. This is, no doubt, extremely helpful to burn the calories of your body. Two large meals, instead, results in weight gain.

Myth 4: Abstaining from consuming the favorite high-calorie foods will help

The most favorite dishes of most of us are usually not the healthiest ones. Majority of these are high-calorie foods and cause excessive weight gain. However, this does not mean completely abstaining from them will help in any way. It will, in fact, result in increased craving for the food items, which, in turn, will result in overeating. The result: you are sure to gain excessive weight. Hence, in the long run, giving up your favorite dishes can lead to obesity. It is always advisable to consume your favorite foods, albeit in small amounts.

Myth 5: Skipping meals is one of the best ways to lose weight

The common conception is that, if you consume less, it is going to help you lose a lot of weight. From this, the conception of skipping meals to lose weight has become popular. However, this is a wrong concept. Skipping meals can, instead, result in gaining excessive weight. Moreover, some of the meals, such as breakfast, are extremely important for the body. Skipping them can cause health hazards and also result in overeating, thus increasing body weight.

Myth 6: There are a few magic pills or foods that can help to lose weight in a blink

Weight loss is a continuous process, which needs proper planning. It involves following a proper and well planned diet, exercising regularly, and so on. There is no short cut to it. Neither is there any magic pill, which can help you lose weight in a wink.

Myth 7: Drinking a lot of water will help to lose weight

It is true, only if you look at it from one aspect. Consuming a lot of water will keep you full. It will prevent you from consuming excessive food or the high calorie soft drinks. This might help you prevent weight gain, or even help you to lose weight. Other than this, there is no other way water can help to accelerate the weight loss procedure.

Several myths surround the concept of weight loss. It is essential to look beyond them for the facts and ensure that you are on the right track to return to shape.

Rita Sleiman
Rita Sleiman is an expert health consultant and is associated with Texas Weight Loss Center. She is a proficient freelance writer who works for many online publications where she covers health related topics. She offers her knowledge particularly on weight loss, diet plans and many more.

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