Three Ways to Optimize Your Buisness’ Google Plus Page

Three Ways to Optimize Your Buisness' Google Plus PageIt seems inevitable—everywhere business leaders are turning in 2014, the focus remains on the importance of Google Plus. What seemed like the new kid on the block is now turning heads as one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, and businesses of all kinds are taking notice.

Google Plus is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the role it’s believed to play in SEO. After all, it seems intuitive that Google would value their own social media giant with their algorithm (although that’s yet to be officially confirmed by Google). Not only is it a valuable tool in terms of SEO, but it’s also important to local businesses, which rely on localized searches and consumers finding them via their mobile device.

While there are a number of ways to go about optimizing your profile page effectively, there are three that are both powerful and simple.

Create a Robust Profile

For many people, and particularly business owners in a time-crunch, at the first sign of a profile page or directory listing, the immediate inclination is to complete it with the bare minimum of information, and then forget about it. Unfortunately, less is more is not a mantra that works with Google Plus.

It’s important to complete every aspect of a business page, for the best results. Take the time to craft a creative tagline, and description, and utilize well-researched keywords throughout your profile. Don’t hastily throw a tagline onto your page—it’s important. Choose something that’s simple, interesting and descriptive of your business.

Ensure your contact information is accurate, complete and detailed, and also include information pertaining to your other business-based social media accounts.

As an additional note, when writing the “About Me” section of the page, try to think from the perspective of your desired customer, and create content that’s going to be compelling to that person or group of people.

R&R—Reviews and Rankings

So creating a complete profile page with your businesses’ information and location may seem self-explanatory, but one of the key components of using Google Plus to the highest level lies in reviews and rankings. The more interaction your page has with other users, in the form of reviews and rankings, the more favorably you’ll be looked upon in search engines.

If you’re unsure how to go about collecting positive reviews and rankings, start by encouraging each of your customers to leave feedback. You can either do it in-person, or design a note to include on your invoices or receipts (yes, it’s that important.). You can also encourage reviews and rankings by sending out emails, or reaching out to customers via other social media avenues.

Check Default Settings

Google places a lot of emphasis on privacy for its users—more so than Facebook, in fact. This means it’s important to ensure your privacy settings are appropriate for your business page. You want to increase the visibility of your page, and thereby your business. The “About” section of Google Plus has a section entitled “Profile Discovery,” which allows users to adjust these settings, ensuring maximum visibility.

Power of the Profile

The most important part of Google Plus for your business is undoubtedly your profile page. Without an optimized profile page, you’re not doing your business any favors. With the increasingly huge role Google Plus is playing for businesses, the best thing you can do is take the time to craft a great profile page.

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