The Strong Bond between Green Coffee Beans and Weight loss

The Strong Bond between Green Coffee Beans and Weight lossWe often indulge in various techniques to lose weight but do we know that there are few easy tricks which we can implement to shed those extra pound? Well, the trick is the contribution of green coffee beans to help reduce your weight. Yes, you heard it heard. You might have heard of the weight loss benefits of regular coffee intake, but you may not be familiar with the surprising potency of green coffee as a weight loss stimulant.

This piece of good news was discovered by one of the professor of Scranton University, Dr.Vinson in the 243rd National Meeting and Exposition of American Chemical Society in San Diego, CA.

I am sure the majority of the people have no idea about green coffee. Unlike traditional coffee, green coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans and is extremely bitter. But the bitterness is suppressed once a person learns how he can reap the substantial weight loss benefits from green coffee. In fact the green coffee extract has been hailed as a MIRACLE supplement for weight loss.

The beans contain chlorogenic acid which slackens the release of glucose in the body after meal thereby encouraging weight loss.However, when the coffee is roasted to reduce the bitterness most of the chlorogenic acid is lost. Hence, green coffee beans are converted either into capsules or powder mix which can be easily swallowed with water.

The connection of green coffee beans and weight loss

Chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol has strong antioxidant properties which aids in weight loss.  The acid signals your liver to burn the stored fat and slows the processing of sugar into glucose thereby making it less in your blood. Additionally, it is also associated with reducing blood sugar absorption and prevents high blood sugar. The chlorogenic acid speeds up the metabolism of fat in the body. This encourages overweight people to have large percentage of fat broken down to provide the necessary glucose required by the body to provide energy. It has been found that green coffee beans minimize the deposition of new fat in the body, therefore, helping you to maintain a balanced body weight after its regular use.

To shows its effectiveness, Dr. Vinson involved a few overweight males and females who were advised to take one pill of green coffee powder after meal without altering their diet and exercise. Within a span of 22 weeks, it was found that the participants lost approximately 17 pounds each which was nearly 10% of the total body weight loss. The green coffee actually helped to reduce their body fat by 16% which led to the loss of overall body weight. Not only the body fat, but green coffee beans extract supplements significantly helped with decrease in heart rate.

The coffee beans are great appetite suppressant. The beans reduce the appetite and hence decrease the number of times one eats. It cut down on the cravings for food which prevent the unnecessary intake of calories in the body. Low intake of calorie translates to less stored fat in the body. Moreover, while liposuction drastically diminishes women’s lives of cellulite, green coffee beans has been found to be a real cellulite burner and is natural.

The good news is that there is no side effects observed from taking in green coffee bean extract capsules.

However, while choosing a quality product, check whether you are buying the high quality beans. Usually, green coffee beans will have to meet strict quality guidelines before they reach the market. You may find some ingredients that contain the word Carbonites or Sulfates which do nothing for you and takes away the effectiveness of the extract. Do stay away from such filler ingredients.

You can get green coffee extract from various reputable health supplement sources. It is usually advised to take one capsule about thirty minutes before each meal with a full glass of water to help with its absorption.

No doubt, this is big news for the weight loss industry and especially for people who is in constant search for the natural source of energy and weight loss strategies. And now that you know the real benefits of green coffee beans, it will save your time to hunt for the best weight loss tricks.

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