How Single Ladies Can Make the Most of Their Valentine’s Night Out

How Single Ladies Can Make the Most of Their Valentine’s Night OutWhenever Valentine’s day comes rolling by, there is this mixed feeling of trepidation, especially if you are single at this time. Aside from the ribbing you get from family and friends, you would have to contend with all heart decors and the lovey-dovey couples around you. But you know what can make this day awesome? Your group of single or supportive girl friends who are willing ditch their boyfriends to spend the day with you.

So what if it’s Valentine’s day? You can celebrate love any other day or better yet everyday! To all the single ladies out there, here’s how you can celebrate V-day with your awesome group of friends.

Anti-Valentine Movie Marathon

There is a reason why some people are still single when Cupid celebrates his day. It’s either, he or she has just come from a relationship and not yet ready to commit again; casually dating but not ready to settle down yet; too busy to date; and so on and so forth. Despite being happily single for a while, things like Valentine’s day can often knock you off this contented axis, magnifying that feeling of loneliness you get from time to time, and that longing to find someone to share your life with. Your awesome group of friends can feel the same so if you’re planning a movie marathon, stay away from the sappy romances and rom-coms.

These movies are great any other time except for V-day. Instead you can watch all the anti-Valentine films you want to heart’s content. When I say Anti-Valentine, I don’t mean the “I hate Valentine’s Day” movies. Rather, this would be the perfect time to catch up on all those blockbuster action flicks you weren’t able to watch on the big screen.


Baking just like shopping is very therapeutic especially if you’re stressing out on your single status or just want to hang out with your fellow single lady friends. A bake-a-thon will also cause less damage to your wallet compared to retail therapy and the best part is, you have the perfect excuse to throw a “just desserts” party. Let your friends come over and let each one prepare their own personal favorite dessert. Sugar rush releases endorphins but remember not to overindulge as too much sugar can put you at risk for diabetes.

Sing Your Hearts Out

So what if you can’t sing as well as the finalists in the The Voice or any other singing competition on television. There are no rules when it comes to singing Karaoke and Simon Cowell can’t rain on your parade even if you sing a few notes off key. Singing your hearts out with karaoke is one the best ways to de-stress and chase away heart-related blues on V-day. Sing everything from blues to pop to jazz to rock. Don’t be afraid if you can’t hit the high notes. No one is going to judge you. What matters is that you’re having a blast with your favorite people in the world.

Go Clubbing

Who says you need to have men with you all the time to have fun? One of the things I like to do is to round up my gal pals and go clubbing. I love having the excuse to dress up and wear sexy club dresses and party the night away with my girlfriends. It’s also a great way to meet new people or scout out potential dates. If karaoke is not your thing, then prepare to dance the night away. Even without men by your side, you can still have a blast with your bffs. Valentine’s day is a day for love but not just the romantic type. So spend that day with the people you love and make everyday Valentine’s day.

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