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ID Card Workshop ReviewI implemented ID badges across my company for access control, but I wasn’t happy with how they looked. The default templates the badge company provided were dull and didn’t match the company branding well. The badge providers offered their own design services, but I preferred to keep it in house. I tried out standard graphic design software but it wasn’t hitting the mark for me. That’s when I found ID Card Workshop.

I worked off one of the included templates in the card designer, but it was easy enough to add in company logos, employee photos, and other information that I needed on the badges. The software has management for the badges I created, helping me keep track of all of the cards in circulation. I particularly liked being able to use QR codes in addition to standard barcodes, as that gave me a great deal of flexibility in the information I included on the cards.

It supported our ID card printer right out of the box, encoding the magnetic strips on our cards, so I had no issue getting the designs from the program out on the floor with a minimum of hassle. It fits neatly into the onboarding workflow at my company.I opted to go with the one time payment option for ID Card Workshop, an expense that was very worth it for my company. I did like having the option of month to month initially, however, as that gave me time to see whether it would perform the tasks I required in the badge creation process. I also appreciated the fact that I could use my Access databases with this product, instead of switching over to a different database system.

The next part of using ID Card Workshop is implementing it on the consumer end of things with my business. I always wanted to offer a rewards card for our regulars, but I didn’t have the technology in place to do so. The software helps me streamline the rewards card process to create a professional looking product that has a prominent place in my customers’ wallets.

About ID Card Workshop:

ID Card Workshop CardDesigner

ID Card Workshop is an all-in-one id card making, designing and membership management software, it enables users to create ID cards, staff cards, membership cards and any kinds of photo ID easily. with just few mouse-clicks and manage member’s data with its inbuilt database management and verification features.

ID Card Workshop is a “must-have” tool for business owners who wants to establish their in-house membership system and loyalty programs. It can also help employers to create and maintain their employee systems and visitor tracking systems.

It provides two types of license for different types of users: full version licenses for general customers and pay-as-you-go monthly subscription licenses for budget-limited users.

To learn more information and download the free trial version of ID Card Workshop, visit:

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