Google Plus: Social Media Powerhouse of 2014

Google Plus - Social Media Powerhouse of 2014Google Plus just entered the social media scene in 2011, making it seem like an infant among the major players of Facebook and Twitter, but in just a few short years it’s risen to become one of the most important social media options for businesses.

The Numbers Behind Google Plus

Google Plus was able to do what some other Google ventures before weren’t, and reach the masses. In fact, the site reached 100 million users in a much shorter time span than Facebook, and that number has grown exponentially throughout 2013.

Are you convinced people are automatically signed up for a Google Plus profile, only to never use it? Think again—the site has hundreds of millions of users, and 60 percent of them report using it every day.

As of the start of 2014, Google Plus is known as the second most actively used social media site in the world.

With that kind of power, it’s surprising that some businesses, particularly small businesses, are slow to the game.

Using Google Plus to Benefit Your Business

One of the biggest reasons you need to be using Google Plus? Google. Need we say more? Google Plus has become extremely important to the success or failure of a businesses’ SEO efforts. When a business is actively involved in Google Plus, they’re automatically going to be seen more favorably in search engine results, as compared to a business who either doesn’t utilize Google Plus at all, or one with an incomplete profile listing.

Similarly to “Likes” and “Shares” on Facebook, Google Plus has the +1 option, which allows visitors to your profile to express interest or enthusiasm for what you’re posting; a great indicator to the search engine that you’re sharing relevant, useful or valuable content, meaning you’re rewarded with higher rankings.

Additionally, the items you post on your Google Plus page are going to be indexed immediately by the search engine, meaning faster results.

Google Plus and Local Business

While small and local businesses may be the most reluctant to use newer forms of social media, often because of a lack of resources, in actuality, these are the very businesses that are benefitting most from Google Plus, because of the utilization of Google Plus Local pages.

Small businesses should claim their Local page, and fill it out completely. It serves as a way for customers to find you based on localized searches, and can also help you build a sense of trust and loyalty among customers, since they’re able to access reviews and rankings for your business. It’s also a great way to build a dialogue with customers and potential customers, gauge what they’re seeking in your industry, and listen and respond to feedback.

You also have the Google Authorship option, which is just another way to give your content authority and build trust among followers.

How to Take Advantage of the Google Plus Offerings

Google Plus is expected to continue its trajectory of tremendous growth, making it a must-have in any business marketing, SEO or social media plan. The key to Google Plus, as with any social media platform, is to remain relevant and engaged.

Users are encouraged to constantly and consistently create quality content, and integrate the use of Google Plus throughout their marketing, online and social media efforts, in order to reap the big rewards the site has the potential to provide.

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