How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job InterviewAre you applying for summer marketing internships?  One of the keys to landing a job is interviewing well.  After all, those who present the best image often have a better chance at landing a job.  Presenting a good image involves many factors including knowledge, confidence, personality, and more.  It also entails dressing appropriately.  This is often more complicated than it sounds in today’s job market, since every company has a different dress code.  Fortunately, the following guide can help you show up dressed to impress.

Understand the Company’s Dress Code

In order to dress correctly for your job interview, it is important to understand the company’s dress code.  This might be more difficult if you are a potential intern who is unfamiliar with the working world.  However, you can always find information from friends, social media, and the company’s website.  You can also ask if you are unsure.  Once you know the dress code, you can select the right clothing for the interview.

Follow the Company’s Dress Code

Whenever you are interviewing, it is recommended to follow the company’s dress code.  For example, if you are interviewing with a company that has a professional dress code, then you should wear professional clothes during the interview. The following guidelines should help you choose attire to interview in this setting:

  • Dark suits are recommended for men and women.
  • Avoid anything that is ostentatious (costume jewelry, tattoos, bright colored handbags, etc).
  • Limit the amount of cologne and perfume you spray.
  • Show up well groomed with a professional looking hairstyle.
  • Your shoes should be conservative in nature.
  • It is appropriate to carry a briefcase.

Since many workplaces are more casual, you may not have to worry about abiding by these strict standards.  However, you may want to follow some of them.  If your potential job is somewhat casual, it is a good idea to dress one step above the company dress code.  In doing so, you show respect to the company.  You also send a message that you care about the job you are interviewing for.

Choosing the Right Colors and Patterns

Interviewees must also understand the importance of choosing the right colors and patterns with their clothes.  This will make a big difference in how they are perceived during an interview.  The following two rules are good suggestions regarding your interview attire:

  • Solids should be selected instead of patterns.
  • Neutrals should be selected instead of brightly colored articles of clothing.

Keep in mind that you do not want what you wear to distract the people who are interviewing you.  In addition, you do not want what you wear to be what you are remembered for.  When you follow these suggestions, the interviewers will be able to focus on you and what you have to say, and your qualifications for the job will stand out.  This will ultimately provide you with the best possible chance for landing the internship or job you are interviewing for.

When you follow these suggestions, you can make the best impression during your interview.  Remember, you have made it this far.  Without the right attire, you might be giving up without even realizing it.

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