How to Add Intrigue to Your Garden by Creating Different Levels

How to Add Intrigue to Your Garden by Creating Different Levels

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Spring will soon be here, and you may be thinking about a complete garden makeover this year. To many gardens on housing estates are the same as one another. Many of them comprise of a rectangular lawn surrounded by planted borders.

Are you ready to change the rules and have a garden that is interesting and varied? A landscape that is crafted to your own design can be yours with some hard work and a healthy budget.

In this article, we will show you a few ways that you can change levels in your garden.


Probably the simplest level change you can carry out is the simple earthwork. Of course, you can’t pile it up against your neighbours fence so you may wish to build a retaining wall at the back of it. The wall will simply consist of a concrete foundation about 12 inches wide and as long as you need. Build a wall with blocks or bricks. Make it two layers thick if you need to.

The earthwork itself can either be a straightforward bank or it could be levelled into terraces with the use of rocks to support them. The actual material is your choice. A row of steps could lead you to the top of the earthwork where a seating area could be arranged.

Terraces are a great way to show off all of your plants.


Decking is a great way to get an instant effect. It can be installed in just a few days and will last for many years. It is constructed by using pressure treated timber to build a framework, onto which decking boards are laid. Decking requires relatively little excavation in your garden as it is only the upright support posts that require holes. If you are looking for a cool place to entertain your friends, in your garden, decking could be the choice for you.

Raised Planters

The clever use of raised planters can transform your garden. Decide where they will look best and lay a small foundation. Build with bricks up to the level you require and fill with good compost and topsoil. The planters can be any shape and as intricate or simple as you desire.

Raised Pond

A raised Koi pond would look stunning in any situation. Built similar to the raised planters, there needs to be a concrete foundation and brick, block, or stone walls of your choice. The inside will then need to be lined with sand or matting from your aquatics shop. This is to prevent the waterproof liner from being damaged. Install the waterproof liner and form it to shape. Fill the pond with water before trimming the liner. Leave enough liner so that it will fold over the top of the retaining wall by one inch. Now, when you apply the capping to the walls, it will hide the liner edges. You will also need to build a filtration system for your pond. The filtration system could be cleverly concealed below a raised seating area made of decking, where you can sit and relax while watching your fish idly swim by.

So as you can see, in just a few weeks, by thinking vertically, your garden could have a brand new landscape lovingly created by yourself. Think vertical in your planting too, with the use of trees, plants, and grasses such as bamboo. Consider building taller fences too, or you will be looking down on your neighbours.

Now we have sparked your interest get out in the garden before you change your mind.

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