Achieving the Balance Between Nurturing and Disciplining

One of the worst things about parenting is that when a child is born he doesn’t come with a manual. There are plenty of things one says before becoming a parent; things you would do, things you wouldn’t do, how your child will be, etc.

The thing is, nobody really knows how he or she is going to parent until faced with actually becoming a parent. That’s why it is especially hard to learn how to achieve the balance between nurturing and disciplining.

For their own good

Discipline is a natural part of life at any age. Learning how to discipline a child can be difficult, but it is necessary for the child to grow into a healthy adult. Remember that discipline is a part of nurturing a child because it shows the child that he or she is loved (this is only the case with a healthy form of discipline where consequences are a result of breaking clear-cut rules).

Part of educating your child involves giving them the tools to move forward in life with confidence and enthusiasm. Setting limits, and punishing them for exceeding those boundaries makes them aware that they have a responsibility to others and create an awareness that the world does not revolve around them.

Though it may be difficult to discipline your child, not doing so can create more harm. Failing to set

Nurturing a child involves understanding the various stages in childhood development, providing a safe environment for a child to share his or her feelings, encouraging a child in all positive ways, and showing unconditional love.

Consistency is key

Discipline is also a part of nurturing. All discipline should be constructive, fair, and consistent. It should not be physical punishment; instead, discipline should teach a child that an action or behavior was incorrect while also showing that there is a correct way to do things.

While not every parent will discipline children the same way, the key is to remember that discipline should be constructive, not destructive, and that positive behavior should be acknowledged and rewarded.

Support is available

Many families also look to schools, youth groups, or religious organizations, like Ed Young Jr Ministries, for tips on how to raise healthy and happy children. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice when it comes to providing the best upbringing for your child.

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