5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made Every Day

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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made Every DaySocial media has come to the forefront for many businesses today as part of their marketing strategy. And it’s no wonder why. According to reports, 93% of marketers are actively engaged in social media for their businesses. That’s because social media is where their customers are spending their time.

However, many of these businesses are making some or all of the five most common social media marketing mistakes.

1.      Being Inconsistent

Social media is about developing relationships with people who may be or may become your customers. However, you can’t have a relationship with someone if you never spend time with them. That same concept is true in social media marketing. If you want results, you must have a regular, consistent schedule to spend time on your chosen social networks. That may be once a day or even more often if that is what your customers expect. Use a scheduling tool and set up posts or tweets ahead of time to make sure you have consistent content.

2.      Being Too Self-Promotional

Yes, you are using social media to gain more customers and increase sales, but it is more of an indirect approach. That means you aren’t trying to sell your followers every time you post something. If you take that approach, you’ll end up with no followers. Instead, you should limit your sales posts to only a small portion of the total.

3.      Being Too Self-Absorbed

This mistake is similar to the issue of too much self-promotion, but it takes it a step further. Even if you aren’t trying to sell a product, you may be using the wrong language in your posts. You may talk about yourself or your company too much or give your opinion on everything instead of asking for others’ opinions. Focus on your followers and what they need. Give them content that matters to them or provides information and they will want to continue following you.

4.      Being Fake

It’s easy to adopt a fake persona online, thinking no one will ever know. Even businesses have this problem, often unintentionally. They may try to be hip or say and do what they think people want to hear. But if it doesn’t match up with what you see when you visit their store or office, you’ll be disappointed. If you talk about great customer service and no waiting in line, you’d better be prepared to deliver on it in person. Otherwise, you risk hearing the complaints on your social network page.

5.      Not Responding

Since you are developing relationships through social media, you must have two-way communication. That means responding to your followers’ comments and even commenting on their pages. It’s even more important to respond when the comments are negative. Remember that other people are watching you and may decide if they will follow you or use your products or services based on how you respond to the “tough questions” or negative feedback.

While most businesses won’t consider themselves experts in social media, if you avoid these five mistakes, you will be more likely to reap the rewards from the efforts you put into social marketing.

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  1. Lisa Buben says:

    Spencer, I’m not sure which is worse – being unresponse or being too self promotional and only sharing your own stuff via social media. I’d say it’s a tie :)