The Unique Blends of Coffee Available Today

The Unique Blends of Coffee Available TodayWhile some coffee drinkers still stick with generic, mass-produced beans for brewing at home, these days there is an unprecedented vast variety of coffee blends and roasts for consumers, not to mention coffee making methods – from a drip brewer to a French press to a latte machine and beyond.

In other words, there is a cup of coffee to suit all tastes, whether you are just looking for a brew to enjoy at home or looking for some great coffee options to offer customers at your eatery or business. However, sometimes the sheer volume of choices can become overwhelming. These are some of the more popular coffee types available, and what makes them distinctive.

White Coffee

The preparation of any type of coffee begins with the roast of the bean. While there are certain beverages made with “green” coffee – or raw, non-roasted coffee beans – these drinks are not considered coffee by most definitions. During the roasting process, coffee beans go through an array of chemical changes that bring out different flavors and aromas appropriate for different kinds of coffee preparations.

One particular preparation that has recently been gaining popularity is white coffee.

White coffee is made from beans roasted for only a short period of time until they reach a very light, off-white color, as opposed to the richer browns of the darker roasts traditionally used for coffee. These beans are often prepared with an espresso machine, and the result is a coffee with a rich, unique, idiosyncratic aroma and taste as well as a strong kick of caffeine. Even though white coffee beans are roasted for much less time than darker beans, the best espresso machines still make a great, if atypical, coffee drink.


By definition espresso is a coffee preparation, and contrary to popular belief it is possible to use any type of coffee beans roasted to any level in order to make espresso, although many espresso machine models prefer a darker roast. The best espresso machines will deliver a quality beverage regardless of the beans or roast. However, an appropriate grind is essential when making espresso: a very fine grind is essential to proper preparation.

Water temperature and water pressure are also crucial for good espresso, but again the best espresso machines are designed to get all of the elements right for the perfect espresso: a flavorful, concentrated coffee topped with a creamy foam. Two ounces have espresso have almost as much caffeine as eight ounces of coffee brewed using the traditional drip method.

Because of the concentrated flavor and power of espresso it serves as the base of any number of popular beverages, including the cappuccino, caffe Americano, caffe latte, and Macchiato just to name a few. Of course, there is a contingent of purists who settle for nothing less than a straight up single or double shot of espresso, untainted by milk, foam, sugar, or any other adulterants.

Iced Coffee

True iced coffee enthusiasts know that there is more to a good iced coffee than just pouring some black coffee over ice. While this simplified preparation makes an acceptable beverage for some, you have not really had an iced coffee until you have made it this way: pour hot, fresh drip coffee into a 16 ounce glass full of ice, followed by two shots of espresso.

The mix of drip-prepared coffee and espresso makes for a robust combination that takes on the flavors of milk and/or unrefined cane sugar very well, or works as a fairly intense beverage on its own.

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