Top 9 Weightloss Strategies In 2014

Top 9 Weightloss Strategies In 2014

Do you want to improve your health in 2014? Eat healthy food, sleep for at least eight hours and exercise a lot. But you have to first do your research and determine your diet plan. Here are a few tips that you should follow for a slim and fit body.

Start your morning with protein shake:

Do a little bit change in your breakfast menu. Include a protein shake and maintain your weight easily. Also take fresh flax seed, raw kale, raspberries and coconut milk and enjoy a tasty breakfast like never before. Make sure that you take full fledged course and do not remain in empty stomach.

Fix your sleep time:

According to a recent survey, an adult requires seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to become healthy. The best tip for 2014 is to party in the evening and go to bed by 11 PM. Do not forget to switch off the electronic appliances. Many people prefer to take hot bath or savor tea to get sound sleep for long hours. Considering your preference and suitability you must determine your sleep time.

Drink profusely!

The doctor often recommends drinking at least half body weight in the water ounces to stay lean for the rest of your live. For example if you weigh one hundred and fifty pounds, you need to drink at least seventy five ounces of water every day. When you go to office or your college you must carry water bottle and drink water from time to time. However you should not drink water during meal. The reason is that excess amount of water may dilute your stomach enzymes and break down the body protein.

Include fiber in your diet chart

As per recent survey, people who included fiber weighing fourteen grams can reduce 4 pounds approximately. The common fiber rich foods include non-starch vegetables, avocado, seeds, raw nuts and raspberries. If you find it difficult to include fiber foods in your meal chart, you must at least consume fiber supplements.

Become a vegan!

In 2014, the experts believe that the restaurants include special vegetable dishes in their menu chart. So you can visit to a popular bistro to savor broccoli and sprouts. Make sure that you will try out one new vegetable dish every week this year. Do you wish to try something else? You can go for endive. You can cook this special leaf vegetable or have it in salads.

Stop overeating

Even nutritious food becomes unhealthy if you eat it in large quantity. For instance, two to three tablespoons of almond butter is fine but if you finish the entire jar, it can be harmful for you. Avoid trigger foods that create reaction in person.  Such food can compel you to suffer from headache or gastrointestinal diseases. You can also reduce your weight. To avoid this food you first have to identify the trigger foods. Once you identify the foods, you can shun it and get rid of excess fat easily. Try good natural appetite suppressant to reduce your hunger and you tendency to overeat.

Involve with burst training

Most people join gym in the beginning of the year but only a few people complete the training session. If you also find it hard to stick to your rigorous gym training session, then you must go for more innovative option in the New Year. Joint the burst training session to get excellent fat reduction results quickly. For example, high-intensity Intermittent Exercises (HIIE) is more effective in decreasing the subcutaneous as well as abdominal fat than other forms of exercises. With this type of burst training session, you can get most out of your workout program within short course of time.

Make movements

If you are not willing to try out burst training at all, you should at least get involved with different types of physical activities. Get up early in the morning, clean your house and shovel snow. Avoid elevators and take stairs. When you exercise for few minutes, make sure that your 2014 resolution can go a step ahead. Increase your exercise time a bit and produce desirable results in terms of weight loss and fitness.

Take your dinner at least two to three hours before your bed

Enjoy hot bath and listen to music and do not take dinner late at night. Even if you are hungry before going to bed you must eat dinner at the right time. Increase food rich in protein and get rid of your food cravings. Drink one to two glasses of water. According to a survey conducted by the University of Washington in 2002, eight ounces help you to get rid of hunger pangs before bed time.

Learn about these essential tips and aspire for a well-toned body in 2014.

Rita Sleiman
Rita Sleiman is an expert health consultant and is associated with Texas Weight Loss Center. She is a proficient freelance writer who works for many online publications where she covers health related topics. She offers her knowledge particularly on weight loss, diet plans and many more.

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