Top 7 Educational Children’s Books to Read in 2014

Top 7 Educational Children’s Books to Read in 2014Most children come with a love of reading that can be either hindered or developed by how that love is addressed.  Parents that read with their kids enjoy bonding time while also teaching children simple reading methods that will help them in their future educational endeavors.  With thousands of children’s reading books out there, it’s important to find books that will hold the attention of you and your child, even as the message of the story helps you teach a valuable lesson.

The following are seven popular children’s books that may not be new, but are classics that will help you create a reading session with your child that will be both memorable and instructional.

1. Z is for Moose

Written by Kelly Bingham, this book is a funny story about the alphabet that will make both you and your child laugh.  The book is about a zebra and his friend Moose that is excited to be helping him in his efforts to make an alphabet book.

2. Everybody Cooks Rice

Written by Norah Dooley, this book tells the story of a sister in a San Francisco neighborhood who is searching for her brother.  Each time she knocks on a door, she is invited to eat a portion of the homeowner’s supper.  Each family is eating some form of rice despite the fact that they are from many different countries.  Included in this book are positives messages about nutrition, travel and geography.

3. Brontorina

This is a story written by James Howe that is applicable to all young children.  The book teaches children about being true to oneself and not being afraid to do something new that they haven’t done before.  The main character in the story is a dinosaur that wants to be a ballerina although she is told she’s too big.  With the help of her friends, she is able to realize her dream.

4. Librarian on the Roof

This is a story about a librarian that takes matters into her own hands to raise money to make a children’s section in an old library in Texas.  She stayed on the roof for a full week and her plan worked.  Written by M.G. King, the story emphasizes the importance of libraries and books for children.

5. Lola at the Library

Written by Anna McQuinn, this book is perfect for children under the age of two.  It’s a calm, soothing story about a young girl that is excited about a special trip to the library with her mother.  This is one you can read over and over again and never get sick of.

6. Curious George Goes to the Hospital

With the help of the classic character, this book helps children deal with a trip to the doctor or the hospital.  Written by Margaret and H.A. Rey many years ago, the story still brings a measure of comfort that can calm children before a hospital visit or stay.

7. Snowbots

This book was written by Aaron Reynolds and is full of fun, funky rhymes.  Your kids can pick their favorite robots, as humans are substituted for robots and everyday actions become confusing and interesting for children.  This is a regularly told storyline, but still one that will keep your kids interested while getting their giggle on!

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