Realistic Ways to Go Green In Your Home

Realistic Ways to Go Green In Your HomeGoing Green has become very popular these days and almost everyone is doing their part to help the environment and to save money and stay healthier in the process. When you make some changes to your home to be kinder to the planet, your green choices do a lot more than just help to save the earth.  Reducing the pollutants in your house can help you to breathe more freely and can reduce the risk of illness due to exposure to household toxins over time.  Energy efficient choices, on the other hand, can reduce your electric bill and leave you with more money in your pocket book.

There are a whole lot of different things that you can do in order to go green, including big sweeping changes and small ones. Of course, not everyone can afford to go out and install solar panels and a geothermal heating and cooling unit and a plug for a brand new electric car in the garage. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of that to make improvements that help the planet and that help your family at the same time.

Realistic Ways to Go Green

Here are a few realistic ways that you can go green in your home so you can save money and live a healthier lifestyle, while also doing your part for the environment.

  • Swap out the incandescent light bulbs. CFLs and LED light bulbs are far more energy efficient than old-school incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs also generate heat, which can force your cooling system to work a lot harder in the summer and leave your rooms warmer than they should.  Soon, you won’t have a choice when it comes to swapping out bulbs since new energy efficiency standards have resulted in a ban on incandescent bulbs (you can still find them but they are not making them any more).  Learn about the new light offerings that are available for a beautiful, bright home for less.
  • Switch to natural pest control solutions. You don’t have to spray chemicals in your home in order to be free from bugs and other unwanted creatures. There are a lot of different natural pest control products on the market. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth, for example, is a product that is added to grains to keep them bug free, so it is so safe you can eat it. It destroys the hard exoskeleton on insects, though, and is a good way to deal with an infestation.  There are also natural pesticides, and different tools for organic pest control inside, along the perimeter of your home and in your garden.
  • Choose the right carpet cleaning solution.  Cleaning the carpets can remove a lot of dirt, dust mites and impurities from within your home. However, you want to carefully research the carpet cleaning products and company you use so you can get a product that is friendly to the planet.Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning is a good solution if you want to go green, and have sparkling beautiful carpets. Cleaning an old carpet rather than getting a new one is also a green choice since you won’t be sending a perfectly good carpet to the landfill and you won’t be buying a new carpet that required energy to manufacture.
  • Consider composting. Composting allows you to cut down on the food waste you produce since you compost food scraps and other natural products instead of throwing them in the trash. The compost can be used to help your garden grow, so you’ll be turning your trash into something beautiful.
  • Change your air filters. You should regularly change the filters in your HVAC components (once per season).  Dirty filters can result in your unit working a whole lot harder than it needs to work just to keep your house at the comfortable temperature you set your thermostat out. There’s no sense in wasting money and shortening the life of your HVAC unit when you can do the quick and simple job of regularly changing the filters.

Green Home

These are just some of the many different ways that you can go green in your home. Many local power and utility companies offer free energy audits so that you can find the areas where your home needs improvement. Caulking windows and putting up solar screens, for example, could also be simple solutions that allow you to go green.  

Bella Mackrell is a self-proclaimed hippie. She is all about going back to nature and being as natural as possible. In fact, she believes that all the chemicals we use are the reason so many of us are getting sick. So what does she do? She writes to give others advice on how to return to what nature intended.

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