Pick-up Trucks vs Cars

Pick-up Trucks vs CarsChoosing how to invest your hard-earned cash on the automobile market can be tough.  There are a lot of options out there, after all!  One of the bigger decisions to make is whether to invest in a standard car, or a pick-up truck.  They both have their benefits, and can be hard to prove that one is better than the other.  So, whether you want to find out more about double cab pickups, or simply want to see what benefits pick-ups can bring you, this article should help you map out what pick-ups can provide that cars can’t.

Trucks offer increased safety levels.  By virtue of their size, trucks are more likely to take more damage and keep on ticking than your standard family saloon.  Whilst many cars offer very good safety ratings (and are indeed very safe), we’re talking pure size here: a truck is simply less likely to come off worse in the event of an incident.  Because of their use in non-stop industries that involve courier work and off-road driving, they’re built to take a beating and keep on coming.

They provide more storage space.  One of the main reasons that pick-up trucks are used so frequently in the construction, building and general manual industries is that they enable a far greater amount of materials to be transported per vehicle than standard cars. (Well, apart from an 18 wheeler, but they’re not practical for getting onto construction sites!)  If you regularly need to transport a decent amount of goods, then a pick-up is a must, whether you’re a plumber or a moving company.  Of course, the storage doesn’t have to be just a benefit in a professional sense: if you have a large family, then holidays usually involve a massive amount of luggage, which a pick-up would be ideal for helping to lug around!

You’ll be popular.  There are few people quite so popular as those who can help their friends move things.   If you’ve got a pick-up truck you’ll regularly be able to help people you know out, as well as ensuring your family are always catered for in terms of transport.  Of course, if you’re a bit more enterprising, you can also earn a bit of extra money on the side of your main income by offering a small delivery or courier service.  This can mean that you earn enough to pay off the monthly expenses incurred by the vehicle, so that it essentially costs you nothing to run. This is quite significant, as the cost of running a vehicle is one of the biggest monthly outgoings for the majority of home-owners.

Trucks are ideal for adventures.  If you live in a country where there’s a large amount of land to explore, then a large pick-up makes the ideal accompaniment to a family road trip.  The size of them means that everyone is able to get their own space.  Pick-up trucks are more capable of racking up the miles than standard cars are.  Whether you’re traversing the mountains of Utah or exploring the Welsh valleys, a pick-up truck is the perfect family vehicle.

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