Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New!New year for me is kind of like spring cleaning. There are many things–not just physical stuff but also emotional ones–that you need to clear out so you can start the year right. So before you toast the new year with champagne and watch the ball drop in New York Times Square, let’s get started on getting rid of excess baggage.


There are people who hold on to grudges so much that it wears them down. Holding on to hatred will only make you unhappy and stressed. It’s hard to believe how some people have managed to keep grudges for years without collapsing. A grudge is a heavy burden on your heart so if you keep so many of them bottled up inside, it will only make your heart suffer. I believe in letting go of grudges so that there will be room for positive vibes to trickle in and attract good karma. There is healing in forgiveness but only if you open yourself to it. Don’t let old grudges hold you back from having a happy life. Let them go before they bring you down.


Aside from grudges, regrets are another thing that don’t belong in the new year. These prevent you from moving on and starting over, which is precisely what the new year stands for. Old regrets will keep you living in the past instead of in the present. If you don’t confront your present, how can you move on to the future? We all have regrets and it’s not a bad thing to think about them once in a while from nostalgia. But when they keep you from living life fully, you should let them go. Learn from your regrets but don’t let them rule your life. Let experience teach you how you can be a better person so that you will have no more regrets.

Broken Relationships

Some relationships are broken for a reason. It’s either because you have drifted apart or you realized that it was a friendship not worth having. Some broken relationships though you regret, because you were not able to give your best. For those that are worth saving, do what you can to make amends. If they are friends worth keeping, hold on to them. If they are not, say goodbye. It’s better to have a small circle of friends that you trust than having a big circle filled with superficiality. When you let go of these old broken relationships, open yourself to forming new and lasting ones once the new year comes in.

Old Furniture and Clothes

De-cluttering is the way to start the new year right, according to some Feng Shui experts. If you want to attract good luck, you have to get rid of things that have wear or tear like dinner plates or glasses with cracks or clothes that are very worn out. If you have old furniture that have seen better days, it’s probably time to get a new one. There are sites such as United Furniture Industries that might give some ideas on what new furniture you would want to get. General cleaning will help you with de-cluttering your home and if you find yourself hesitant to let go of a cracked mug due to sentimentality, Feng Shui experts believe that worn old things like this will only attract negative energy. So start the new year right by letting go of the old and ushering in the new.

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Tiffany Matthews

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