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Keeping You Ahead of the CompetitionDespite the tough times economically, some industries are slowly starting to pick up and looking to expand. Whether this is with extra staff or bigger premises, you may be surprised to learn how a good civil engineer can help you realise your dreams.

Grow Your Business

There are various ways to increase the potential of your business, from employing more staff to increasing the amount of stock you hold. Whichever you go for, you’ll need to either improve or increase the space you occupy. You could try remodelling your current working area yourself, however this takes resources away from your business, but a good civil engineer will be able to help you with the project from inception to completion. However in some cases, this won’t be sufficient to accommodate your increased capacity, and you may discover you need to find a new location.

There are a plethora of premises on the market at the moment, of various types and sizes, however whether you have specific needs or not, it’s quite likely that your new location will need some form of refurbishment or improvements. If this is the case, you will need to find a company who can deal with this, from start to finish. A combined civil engineer and building contractor will take the project from initial proposals right through the work until you are able to move in.

Perfect New Builds

If you are unable to find suitable premises, then a better solution may be to build your own bespoke property. Whilst the initial outlay of buying the land, drawing up plans and funding the building work itself may be costly, you may find it is actually more cost effective. Long term rental may mean your business has more flexibility should your circumstances change and you need to downsize or expand again, however there are advantages to owning your own purpose built premises. You could combine your own work space with separate smaller units that could be rented out to provide an extra income stream to your business.

Of course, undertaking a new build project is not an easy decision, and requires the reassurance that you are engaging an experienced partner to work with you. Someone who can take your ideas and turn it into a concept, guide it through the necessary planning requirements and bring to fruition your project. You can ask to see a portfolio of previous work, and references to ensure they are sufficiently able to undertake your project.

Counting The Costs

Whether you opt for refurbishment, renovation or new build, keeping a handle on the costs is important, whilst ensuring the build quality is satisfactory. It is always good to get several quotes, to ensure you have a reasonable quote, and also to gauge what is about the right price to pay. Whilst a low quote may be initially appealing, it is worth looking at others as it’s better to get a slightly higher quote that uses quality products and materials. It is also better to use a company who are honest about the likely costs, than one that sugarcoats it to win the contract. Improving your business can take many routes, however adding staff or extra space, and a good building contractor and civil engineer can really help make your expansion dreams a reality.

Jason Smith is the office manager at Goodward Construction, specialists in commercial construction based in Derbyshire in the UK.

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