Home Tips: How To Enjoy Your High-Rise View Better

In choosing a new home, one key component that can often make or break a decision to settle in is the windows and the doors. When executed properly, these items could change a whole room’s appearance and can even be the highlight in any home.

So when you’re living in a high-rise apartment, you could just imagine how the windows or the door leading to the balcony can showcase the magnificent view of the city or the breathtaking calmness of the distant bay. To better enjoy the view that you are paying for at your high-rise home, here are some simple tips you can follow.

Home Tips: How To Enjoy Your High-Rise View Better

Create a Setting

The best way to appreciate your view is to position yourself in front of it, right? This can be achieved by setting up a nook right in the place where your window with a view is. Set up a cozy lounge where you can watch TV or a coffee table where you can enjoy a cup of latte while reading a book. You can even position your desk near the window to get inspiration while working. Just make the window works for you—instead of it being a distraction—by not positioning your chair directly facing the window. Rather, place it somewhere on the side where you can still have a good panorama of the outdoor without being bothered by the daylight glare.

Accentuate with Curtains

Now that we’re talking about daylight and glare, here’s a no-brainer tip: install curtains to your windows or glass door. Curtains are a great way to add accent to any room. It automatically alters a bare space. Have two layers of curtains. One should be completely thick enough to darken the room when you need it to. The other should be just enough to resist the glare yet also sheer enough to still emphasize the view and to let the natural light shine through. Palette colors of soft colors on the walls will also help prevent glare and too much reflection coming from the glass door or window. It’s important to find ways to prevent glare as this might keep you from appreciating the view.

Enhance the Lighting

One of the tricky items to add up to your home is lighting. When you have a huge window, you are prone to having your bulbs reflecting too much on it. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your preference. Reflective lights add better illumination to a room but if you want to see the skyline at night, this may be a problem. You can opt to have hidden lights installed to create a soft yet dramatic effect in place of bright light bulbs. Hidden lights on the walls and ceilings are also less likely to create unsightly reflection on your supposedly delightful viewing window.

Establish an Accent Wall

Accent walls dramatically enhance a room with its rich color or even stunning prints. It’s true that they are often created on walls without doors or windows; however, it’s also true that they are there to highlight a focal point in a room. So, if you do want your great high-rise view to be the focal point, then creating an accent wall around it can be a great option! If you are living in one of those Las Vegas luxury condos, you don’t want those fascinating bright lights in the area to just be ignored, do you? The accent color around a lovely French door or window with a fabulous view can serve as a great frame that will highlight your unit’s best feature.

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