Five Simple Methods to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Five Simple Methods to Improve Your Health and WellnessRegardless of the type of shape that you are in, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your health and wellness. After all, none of us are quite perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Given this fact, it is important to analyze what you do well and what you could do better.

Perhaps there are some aspects of your diet that could be modified to improve your health, or maybe there are ways to add more frequent and consistent exercise to your daily routine. As we get busier and busier, how we take care of ourselves seems to be the first thing to go. Take a look inward and see if you can do better.

Switch Out Your Hamburger in Exchange for a Veggie Burger

Instead of eating that greasy and unhealthy hamburger, do you heart a favor and opt for a veggie burger instead. Veggie burgers are significantly better for you because they contain less fat and less calories that their ground beef counterpart. You will also find that there are many different kinds of these burgers, meaning that it is likely that you will find a delicious option available to you. This goes for all of your meat products as well. Every so often, switch the meat out of your meal and replace it with a plant-based substitute. These healthier options will help you forget about meat, as they are quite tasty themselves.

Give Strength Training a Try

Did you know that strength training is the most efficient fat burning exercise there is? It is more efficient than running and cycling, and it is available in every gym nearly everywhere you go. Dig out that gym membership and give strength training a try. You will find that you will not only feel stronger and more fit, but you will also feel an increased sense of confidence as a result of your time spent in the gym. There are a number of studies that show a clear link between increased self esteem and weight lifting activities.

Ride Your Bike to Work

The majority of people live less than 15 miles from their place of employment, and the overwhelming majority still use their cars to get there. Try riding your bike to and from work each day. Yes, it is more time-consuming but not by as much as you think. Consider this: Your average 10 mile commute, when done during the prime commuting hours, will take about 20 minutes to complete. Estimating a conservative cycling pace, that same commute will take about 40 to 45 minutes to complete. So think of it this way: By giving up an extra 25 minutes of your commute, you are getting 45 minutes of exercise. If the commute is too far to ride both there and back, you can always arrange to drive home with a co-worker. Choosing to ride your bike is good for you and it is good for the environment.

Burpee Breaks and Procrastinating Pushups

Unless you are an incredibly efficient employee, it is fairly likely that you have moments of downtime throughout the day. During that downtime, take a minute or two to do a set of burpees. If you are unfamiliar with burpees, they are a great combination of strength and cardiovascular training. You start from the standing position, squat down into plank position, do a pushup, bring your knees to your chest form the plank position, and perform a squat jump back up. A set of ten of these will take about one minute, and you will feel how effective the exercise is after that first minute is through.

You can also punish yourself for procrastinating. Every time you decide you are going to put some bit of work off, drop on the floor until you are ready to start working again. You will either become more fit or more efficient. Either one is a significant improvement.

Go for a Walk Twice a Day

Most people do not take the time to appreciate the world around them. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of walking per day can greatly improve overall health and wellness, and it does not have to be 30 consecutive minutes either. When you wake up, go for a 15 minute walk through your neighborhood at a brisk pace. This will help make you feel less groggy as you begin your day will allow you to appreciate everything around you. When you return home at the end of the day, walk with a friend for 15 minutes to catch up on each other’s day. You will feel better for it.

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